Guangyuan emperor gave a sigh of relief and laughed. "I wish she wasn’t angry!" Sister, don’t worry about me in the palace. I will take good care of her! "

Lian Fangzhou smiled and replied to the road overlooking the water on the other side of the waterside pavilion, ignoring the yellow and graceful figure behind him. He smiled and said, "Go to the emperor, and the male and female servants will be excused first!"
Emperor Guangyuan smiled at her and nodded to see that she had led a group of maids to retreat cleanly and turned to look back at that figure with a grin and a brisk walk.
"Hehe Qinger!" Emperor Guangyuan walked without hesitation and pause. His long arm stretched out over Lian Fangqing’s shoulder and hugged her intimacy and smiled. "Brother Yan has come to pick you up and go back to the palace!"
Lian Fangqing "Wow!" With a puff of air and a slap in the face, he pushed him back two steps and blushed and glared at him. "Can you stop calling me that? My goose bumps are falling all over the floor!"
Emperor Guangyuan burst out laughing, which was meaningful and deeply condensed. Even Fangqing felt as if he had seen through the whole person, and she couldn’t help but stare at him again.
"Qing son" Guangyuan emperor koo laughed "why are you ashamed to call me Yan brother? Who dares to call me that except my son! "
"Zhou Yan!" Even Fang Qing stamped her feet and Jiaochen’s face was flushed at the moment, and her watery eyes, like dyed peach blossoms, added a few minutes of charm and gorgeous.
If outsiders can know? Zhou Yan, who was in bed, made her beg for mercy that time, and somehow she cried "Brother Yan, Brother Yan".
If he didn’t spare her, he became more and more excited. After tossing up, he was more like an addiction. He must ask her to be charming and call "Brother Yan" before he would spare her.
Therefore, this "Yan brother" will never scream unless she has to at that time.
At this time, let him cry like this. Can she not be ashamed? Chapter 149: Turn around.
"Ah! I am clear! " Zhou Yanfei, but I don’t mind that she is flustered and even calls him with her name and surname. Instead, she enjoys her rest and takes the initiative to gather together in the past. I feel that my woman is angry and doesn’t have a style.
"You-"Lian Fangqing stamped her feet in anger and turned sour. "You are a real jerk!"
She listened to her sister’s words, so it can be seen that he is so careless, careless and careless, and his attitude is so angry that he can’t control it.
"Qinger!" Guangyuan emperor gently sighed and hugged her from behind her, gently took her into her arms and judo in her ear. "What’s wrong with good Qing son?" If you want to convict, you have to convict people in vain, right? Didn’t I say it yesterday? I’ll go to Jinghe Palace for a cup of tea, and I’ll go to your place. Why did you kill all the doors and windows? Who annoyed you last night? "
His breath was warm, warm and warm, touching her neck, skin and ears. His heavy magnetic voice and the smell that was familiar and unique to him sometimes burst into her nose, making her feel helpless.
"How dare you say it!" Even Fang Qing turned to face his pearly white shell teeth and gently bit Jiao Runling’s lips and mouth, leaving the commission wronged and said, "If you drink tea, you will drink tea again …"
Last night, Silverscreen, the big maid-in-waiting around Hanfei, brought a pot of tea to her with a little maid-in-waiting. It was said that Hanfei’s empress personally made a cup of tea and was full of praise. When Hanfei remembered the imperial concubine, she asked the emperor to send her a good one. How can you forget the imperial concubine? The emperor praised her virtuous, gentle and gentle princess Han and asked her to send tea.
Even Fang Qing was annoyed at him. "Are you such a poor person? You can drink tea whenever you like, and you can praise her freely. Baba asked her to send me a pot of tea. Don’t I even have tea in Changchun Palace? Tell me to look at it if I’m not annoyed! "
What is it that they have a joke over tea and then "reward" her with a pot?
Guangyuan emperor before she finished his face sank to nu way "hang it all! Princess Han, that bitch dares to play with me! I, she said to send you tea, and the tea tasted ok. I should have answered it smoothly, but she dug a hole for me to jump! Good is really a big dog! "
Even Fang Qing listened to him say that, but his heart was slightly relaxed, but he still stamped his foot and said, "You really don’t understand the fake!" Her things show off in front of you, and you praise them. Whatever it is, I will be annoyed with tea leaves when I see it, and I don’t want it! I’d rather drink white water than! No diaphragmatic person! "
Guangyuan emperor zheng at that time a little reaction not to come over.
Even Fang Qing was shocked. I didn’t expect this to be such a reaction after listening to her words!
He ….. turns out to be don’t understand this truth? So simple!
Two people, two pairs of eyes, eyes staring at each other and eyes staring at each other, stood there for a while, how ridiculous it was.
"You!" Even Fang Qing, angry and anxious, stamped her thin face with anger and anger. Emperor Guangyuan said, "You-you are my husband. I hope you can share everything with me! Instead of witnessing what you share with other women, no matter what! I know that you have many difficulties and have no choice but to let me know if you don’t see me, but you can’t swing it in front of me like this! Do you know that last night … when I saw that pot of tea with pleasant fragrance and clear color, I wanted to water her head in front of the handmaiden’s face! "
I’ve put up with a lot of not leaving you doors and windows!
"Qinger!" Guangyuan emperor suddenly stretched out his long arm in Athens, and even Fang Qing held him tightly in his arms, rubbing against her hairline and feeling stuffy, "I don’t know, I really don’t know! I have never met another woman before you, and I have never been with another woman except my mother princess. I really don’t know! Good son, don’t be mad at me, ok? "
Even Fang Qing’s heart is sweet, and all the anger and tightness vanish in an instant. The lip angle is pleasant and the jiao rou Judo "I naturally don’t annoy you! In the future, if there is anything you need to change your position, you can make me feel better! "
Emperor Guangyuan Zheng couldn’t help secretly thinking that if Qing Er had a cup of tea with another man and praised it, he would send him a pot specially-
No way!
Emperor Guangyuan felt a strong jealousy in his heart. Which man ate leopard bravery and dared to do so? He must kill him and forgive him!
"I am white! I am white! " Emperor Guangyuan immediately put aside his brain to make up for the unpleasant picture and said with a smile, "My son cares about me, so why don’t I be white?"
He bowed his head and held her face and kissed her deeply. After the wind and rain, the sweetness was particularly warm and as sweet as honey! The deep tender affection spread from the bottom of my heart, and the two hearts seemed to be closer!
"Qinger Baby, let’s go back to the palace!" Kissing Emperor Guangyuan unconsciously lifted his fingers and touched her slightly breathless soft lips. After his love, he was ruddy and moist, and he couldn’t help but want more sounds, which also showed some dullness.
Even Fang Qing’s mind turned slightly red and nodded "hmm" gently. "I didn’t eat breakfast. I’m so hungry now. Why don’t we go back after lunch at my sister’s?"
"How to also didn’t eat breakfast? You can’t take it out on yourself if you are angry with me! Don’t do this again! " Guangyuan emperor is distressed where he is not busy pulling her to eat.
Who knows that they haven’t left the garden yet? Redjade saluted with two little maids and smiled apologetically. "The emperor and the imperial concubine empress, our wife has prepared a table of meals and sent handmaiden to invite the emperor and empress! Madam said that she had to look after two young masters, so she didn’t play along! It’s a household thing, please forgive me, Emperor and Empress! "
"Sister welcome! Just because the empress is a little hungry, let’s go! " Guangyuan emperor laughed
Lian Fangqing couldn’t help smiling. "It’s my sister after all!" Know me better than anyone.
After lunch in the drawing room, they didn’t go to Lian Fangzhou, but went back to the palace directly.
Even fangzhou didn’t come to see him off.
She knows she doesn’t need it
In the carriage, Emperor Guangyuan took Fang Qing in his arms and sat on his thigh. After a little hesitation, he whispered, "Qing Er, I want to tell you something."