The great prophecy is very strong, but the corresponding cost is even greater. Faith is the foundation, and the real great prophecy needs "fuel" to be life. Seeing the angel sword a little closer to the purple emperor, the young pope’s head has also turned white.

One, two … ten …
The golden sword is a little closer to the Purple Emperor. It is made up of faith, and it has the power of terror, destructive power and resentment. The epic armor demon quarrels like a politician’s oath … and it is pierced by the Ministry.
When moving forward again, poof … Purple Emperor spewed out a blood column more than one meter high and couldn’t afford to fall to the ground. fallen angels was like a candle in the wind and could dissipate at any time. cazac fell from the sky like a stone.
After a moment, the curse helped the purple emperor to try his best to move away, avoiding the heart. The purple emperor didn’t die, but it looked fast. The first thing for the magic guard to get up was that everyone took out a wooden stick engraved with relief.
Kaba wooden stick breaks the green chain to connect Magic Man Wei and Purple Emperor.
It turned out to be Bi Meng’s sacrifice to the high-order battle song "Chain of Life", a kind of battle song that can share life. His brother almost ran out of oil and survived with a chain of life. It turns out that the purple emperor is still inferior to the real great prophecy.
But the purple emperor is not a battle. cazac rubbed his dizzy head and climbed out of the pile.
"Hey hey, it’s my turn!"
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven
Demons, as a species, are collectively called strong, and at the same time, they have extremely strong magical talents. Strong * * allows them to control more elements. The perfect interpretation of magic and martial arts, but their tyrannical and cunning nature makes their ethnic law flourish.
Sizing up the situation is an excellent advanced inferno. cazac can become a demon Lord. Naturally, he is a master in this way. He decisively gave up close combat and chose to throw meteorites far away and summon all kinds of rock puppets to attack by force. The auxiliary demon magic blessing consumes the vitality of the Pope, while others are far hidden in the clouds and do not give the Pope a chance.
Just cast a big move. The Pope is in the stage where his stamina is exhausted and his new strength is not born. He has bitten his teeth at most. If his vitality is consumed seriously, his blond hair will turn white for more than half. He looks like he is middle-aged again, but his vitality is far from strong just now.
Life chain support purple emperor has slowly sat up.
The second elder said to his elders, "Dear elders, I’m leaving now." The second elder’s body burns like a sun before several elders react.
His vitality flooded into the Pope’s body like a floodgate, and he became a dying old man in the blink of an eye. This switch came to the Pope with blond hair.
"Does God say that the Lord is glorious?"
The words sound just fell and a dazzling light beam crashed from the sky and hit the clouds accurately. The demon Lord of cazac made a meteor vomiting blood for the second time today, which made cazac look worse. His face became darker and injured, but it was far from death. Moreover, those summoned creatures were not destroyed and still consumed the hard-won vitality of the Pope a little.
The example is that the great second elder’s self-sacrifice shocked these colleagues. At this moment, his firm belief in God exceeded his nostalgia for life. The first elder led the three people to inject vitality into the Pope like the second elder
The speed of three people losing at the same time is relatively slow, and the Pope has tasted the sweetness once, even more. He is not afraid to let go and absorb, and he must have enough vitality to stop when he comes again. He can absolutely kill these two demigods.
If the Pope really kills two demigods, it will not only have a great impact on the war situation, but more importantly, the status of the Vatican alone will definitely surpass the temple of life. Even if it is like the Pope, I can’t help but become a little excited.
Just a few people in the Pope made unremitting efforts in the future, but they just got more gas and less air. The second elder actually sat up by himself with an old face and a strange smile. A crystal bottle appeared in his hand, and the scarlet and thick liquid was poured into the second elder’s mouth in one breath, and a sweet and greasy smell filled the air.
The second elder turned pale like a dead man’s face turned red and shriveled in an instant, and his body expanded rapidly like an inflated balloon. Some of them didn’t respond more, and the second elder bam … exploded into minced meat all over the sky.
At the last moment, the second elder sent all the vitality of his body to the Pope’s body. As soon as this vitality entered the Pope’s body, it produced a great reaction. The light power cultivated by the Vatican is an extremely pure energy, which extremely repels him. It is precisely this light power that can overwhelm his magical elements.
Several elders can share the vitality of the Pope because the strength they cultivate is light, but now the vitality of the second elder after drinking the liquid in the bottle becomes complicated and impure, and it has a sweet and intoxicating taste, which leads to a huge conflict between the energy difference of the Pope’s body. The death of the Pope is that this energy and light are like natural enemies.
Relying on the vitality to support the great prophetic root method, several puppets took the opportunity to sneak attack on the Pope’s crown and robe, and the golden curtain automatically popped up to block the attack. Although these two houses are not artifacts, they have also been the top epic objects for thousands of years, and their defense is strong.
Jie Jie’s strange laugh echoed at the top of the holy mountain. cazac laughed wildly and revealed his figure. At this moment, the Pope has already tried to fight again.
"Is it strange that the second elder blew himself up?"
"I’m telling you, 50 years ago, his soul was swallowed up and replaced by a high-level inferno. Understand that the inferno has both demon and human descent, but the soul is the same as human beings, and your roots have not been found."
Laughing at opponents when defeating them is one of cazac’s great hobbies. The stronger the opponent, the higher his interest. Obviously, the Pope is listed here.
"Are you still curious about what that bottle is?"
"Tell you nothing, isn’t your Vatican the most pure? I got you something that is the most confusing. The blood is the blood of the succubus queen. She has had sex with many male creatures in her life. Her blood is definitely the most confusing thing. "
"Ah, the Pope positions you now is very painful very uncomfortable? It won’t be long. Haha! Let me help you! "
Seems to be anger towards the Pope a mouthful of blood gushed out several meters away, but also mixed with a lot of black blood clots.
Has been silent purple emperor suddenly woke up "stop him, he wants to escape!"
Cazac smell speech immediately pounced on the Pope. However, the Pope has torn the scroll in his hand into a delicate array, and a bright light flashed across the Pope. Seeing the cooked duck fly, cazac vented his anger on several elders.
It didn’t take long for these wounded elders to be torn to pieces and scattered around.
"cazac has vented enough and should go. This is not a place to stay."
"Hum, I’ll tear him up myself sooner or later!" Cazac roared.
"Come on, a living cripple Pope is more than a dead one."
An hour later, a fire fell from the sky to the original site of the Pope, and the sight in front of him made Munrio’s heart sink. There was not a living person left in the holy mountain of the Vatican. Obviously, all the nine bodies were high-level Vatican officials who died here.
Just looking at the ruins, you can know that he couldn’t have felt the tragic fall of a demigod just now, but since the Pope’s body was not found, he said that the Pope should not be dead.
Just as Munrio was searching for the Pope all over the mountain, a group of people at the foot of the towering snow peak in the forest outside Wan Li were resting in a few abyss banshees, and everyone hung up the fear technique again, just like a woman who was about to enter the dance scene needed makeup.
After a few days of fear adaptation practice, several people except Hao Ren were able to be blessed with fear, and the situation showed their strength. Because Hao Ren was too strong in spirit, whether it was the banshee or Rodriguez himself succeeded in adding fear to his head.
This is what Hao Ren is most worried about. Just because the banshee and Rodriguez can’t bless doesn’t mean that the sacred dragon can’t, and more importantly, Hao Ren knows that his heart is far from as strong as it looks.