"Grandpa, now we are not the four big families, and …" Gongsun Re paused. "And we are master maids, and we can’t act without master’s consent."

"What? You incredibly … This MuYu deceives people too much! " Sun’s enemies are angry.
"Grandpa got this result according to our line, and we are very satisfied with it, which makes us willing," said Gongsun Re calmly.
"You …" Sun pointed to his favorite granddaughter, and Sun’s family had hoped for a long time. After a while, Sun sat down slowly. "Now that it has happened, I have nothing to say. This is your own choice."
"Grandpa, I have finished talking. Please take care of yourself." Gongsun Re gave a deep gift to Gongsun’s enemy and turned and walked out of the room. Gongsun’s enemy knew that he would never see this granddaughter again this time. Gongsun’s family completely lost her.
Think about what you did in the end, right? Anyway, the enemies of Sun know that if Mu Yu had Duanmu Ming’s influence, their four great families would not move and would try their best to make friends. Unfortunately, there is no if in the world …
"They have decided?"
"Decide" GongSunRe nodded.
"In this case, let’s leave them alone. If you want to get benefits, you have to pay the corresponding price!"
Lin Su’ e was awkward and was seen by Duan Muming. "Go ahead and don’t hesitate."
Lin Su-e looked around at Gongsun Re. There were no other sisters and Duanmu Ming. If she were in front of his sisters, she would not ask.
"Master, can our family … um … how can I put it?" Lin Sue, who has always been outspoken, hesitated this time.
"Ha ha, I know what you mean. Do you want to ask if you can get a bargain this time?" Duan Muming was not angry. In fact, the two women always acted and spoke carefully because of the previous reasons. Even though Duan Muming declared that he no longer cared about them, they did not change.
"Although the strength of the four big families is not dominant, it can be said that they are at an absolute disadvantage, but they have some keys in their hands, aren’t they? If there is no accident, they will be assigned some benefits. The two families of ghosts and gods will not be so greedy. They can’t see the general things. Of course, there are no accidents. There are four big families whose ambitions will cause great disaster if they exceed their strength. "Duanmuming’s eyes swept the two women and smiled. He almost certainly won’t give up easily. The final game can be imagined.
After listening to Duanmu Ming, Gongsun Re and Lin Su ‘e knew exactly what his family was like, but they had left their family. Although they were sad, they would not look back.
"Let’s go. raiders of the lost ark is going to play in a few days!" Duanmu Ming called out God’s words, and two women’s faces suddenly became unnatural.
"Master, this time you … what are you going to …" GongSunRe asked carefully.
Their telepathy made Duanmu Mingma know that their thoughts were a little embarrassing.
"Do you think I want to provoke the treasure hunters to kill each other? Is this who I am in your heart? " Gongsunre quickly shook his head, but Lin Su ‘e nodded. The two men glances and laughed at the same time.
"Okay, okay, I admit that I did have this idea, but I didn’t act, because if I didn’t do it, someone would take the initiative to leak the secret to the treasure place and time."
"What people would do that? What’s good for them? " Sun Ruo wondered, "Is it an alien?"
"How hateful! Be sure to teach them a lesson! " Lin Su ‘e looked angry. "This kind of sinister villain can’t let them live."
"Soon you will have a chance …" Duanmuming said with a smile.
"Are they all killed?" Fish "
"It’s really think impassability how suddenly there are so many people know our action? Fortunately, I know that it is only the approximate location, otherwise I am afraid that it is not just these people who will follow behind us. "
"Eldest brother, we don’t move from it, which is much faster."
"Waste! Wouldn’t that be a way to tell people whether our position is good or not? It’s not easy for us to get the news. It took 10 million yuan to make such a wave! "
"Eldest brother so many people get the news will …"
"It’s impossible to release this news. The person is absolutely reliable, and if the information is not true, he will have to pay ten times the fine when he returns. It’s absolutely no problem!"
"That’s a good brother. This time, we were born after killing everyone."
"Bah! Don’t be so frustrated when you talk. "
Chapter 24 in droves
In the past, it was a very ordinary valley in the rolling mountains. Usually, even explorers rarely came, let alone tourists. But today, there are "tourists" coming from all directions and even from all over the world.
Strangely, these people have no definite purpose. Instead, the number of people behind them is more and more than a few hundred people gathered in the small valley. Of course, these uninvited guests have aroused the resistance of the local "indigenous people", but most of them have been brutally suppressed. Even a few first-order and second-order Warcraft have been easily eliminated. These guys are really amazing!
At the beginning, five people secretly negotiated to enter the treasure to get it, but they never expected today’s situation. Fortunately, these people knew that the treasure would be opened here these days, but they didn’t know who had the key to the treasure. Otherwise, I’m afraid there are not many people left who haven’t seen the treasure here.
"The present situation is very bad for us." The young people in black robes are still wearing his black robes, and the costumes of others have not changed. "I don’t know who leaked the purpose of our operation and exposed our destination. Although the other party doesn’t know the specific location, we also don’t know that if we ignore their own search, we will definitely be followed and there will be no fierce battle."
"In this case, let’s kill all these people first, so there will be no problem," said the bull, who looked reckless.
"Yes, this is a way, but it still won’t be a fierce battle, and there is still the danger of being besieged. Although we are not afraid, who knows if there is any strength that he has to protect after the trap?" said the white-robed youth.
"Now that you all have plans, just say it." The middle-aged person is calm.
The representative of the four big families is this skinny boss and the four people beside him. Although it looks ordinary, the elite of the four big families have reached the level, but these people are hidden in the dark. If the family does not have a crisis of life and death, they will not be born at all.
Although this calm man looks like a middle-aged man, in fact, he is over 200 years old. He is the highest generation of the four big families and the four big families. He did his best to invite senior experts. Only with him can he shock the eyes. These people are less equal to them.
"Since Mr. Sun said, we dare not deceive others." The black-robed youth and the white-robed youth glanced at each other. "We mean simply looking for the entrance to be followed by others. According to our speculation, there will still be a lot of machines in the entrance to the treasure, and they have no key-key method to get the first chance to get the treasure. The hope is even more slim. In this case, they don’t want to kill others."
"What if they are taken care of by the goddess of fortune?" Thin narrowing her eyes and said
"Ha ha don’t let’s stay idle? When the time comes … "The young man in black made a gesture of cutting" Catch turtles in a jar, they won’t get out alive, and even if they get the treasure, they will definitely kill each other, and we can sit quietly and watch the tigers fight. "
Everyone nodded and agreed with the young people in black robes, but they seemed to forget that they were the same kind of people.
Although a dozen people are not obvious among these hundreds of people, they will definitely be noticed. They seem to be very powerful. Walking around the valley, people will naturally pay attention. At first, people just spy from a distance, but they can find that these people are not interested in spying on themselves, and their courage is getting bigger and bigger, and their distance is getting a lot. However, they still keep an safe distance. When it is not long, almost everyone follows them.
After a period of time, the young people in black robes still haven’t found the entrance to the treasure. This valley looks so ordinary that there is no special place at all. Although there is a map, it is not easy to find it without any indication. Can you really dig three feet?