Elder martial sister, you are so bad. The woman in red blushes and scolds.

The woman in green is laughing again, which is an inevitable phenomenon when people grow up, which is often experienced by men and women.
Ah, men, too? The woman in red asked strangely.
Of course, idiot
The world is really wonderful.
Did you say to stop this dream or to find a man to break yourself? Come on, the dream is wonderful, but the fact will make you enjoy a more wonderful feeling.
The woman in green fell to the ground, and the woman in red couldn’t help frowning and showing her eyebrows deep in thought.
When the woman in green saw the woman in red, her bad smile became more intense. It seems that her words have been bad for the woman in red, and her plan has taken the first step of success.
Xiao Ni, think about it, sister. I took a shower.
The woman in green immediately got up and walked to the side room with her voice falling to the ground.
The woman in green is a very familiar and harmonious woman. When she walks to one side, the breasts of that pair of people keep bouncing, so that Situ Hao’s heart is also shaking with the bouncing of that pair of round peaks.
It will definitely be a high limit to push this mature woman down.
Situhao has always been pushing down innocent girls. Now seeing this stuffy and coquettish familiar girl, his impulse is more intense than that because he has not been nourished by a woman for a long time.
Now he wants to attack her proud and round peaks and sleep with those elastic big breasts.
However, the woman in red is so beautiful and charming that she is hidden in confusion. To choose him, she still prefers the woman in red.
That’s what men do, and they are more repulsive to other people’s things, because men are very diligent in some aspects, and they are more willing to complete the feat of famine.
Situhao hid in the beam and enjoyed the girl in red who was lost for a while, and then he immediately flew into the next room.
The bathroom next door is the only place where men really want to see the scenery. This is the most beautiful place.
Fly to the bathroom. The woman in green has taken off her underwear outside. At this time, she is wearing a Chinese-style chest covering and a flower shorts.
Bound the woman in green in a flower belly pocket, a pair of proud peaks, a kind of desire impulse, and the woman in green kept trembling slightly.
Situhao’s heart is going crazy. He really wants to rush to attack that pair of peaks.
The woman in green has a pair of bright arms and a light shuhuan. She untied the string behind her, and the proud and round twin peaks have taken off the shackles. She immediately rushed forward and stirred up in the middle. As the flower Chinese-style chest covering was taken off, the two giant peaks were still abrupt and abnormal, but this pair of different summits trembled and bounced on the cliff.
My mother, what a big mountain peak! My old head is comparable to Situ Hao’s. She exclaimed in her heart that although it was a flying insect’s unreal form, he could feel that he was drooling.
The woman in green was not in a hurry to take off her flower shorts, but bowed her head and admired her proud peaks.
A moment later, the woman in green said something to make Situhao spray blood. At this time, if people come to suck and play, it would be so comfortable. Baby wronged you.
The words stimulated Stuart’s heart to tremble, and he was about to collapse.
In the face of such a typical boring and harmonious woman, now he can see but can’t eat.
What is the greatest pain in the world? You can’t eat and touch two peaks.
The verbal stimulation is still the light and the most painful stimulation, and the beautiful green woman vomited another sentence that made Stuart crazy, baby. It seems that I can hurt you myself.
The voice fell to the ground, and Situhao saw a scene that he would never forget. The woman in green stretched out her hands and grabbed the two towering peaks on her chest. Now Situhao’s face is more beautiful than the concave lines.
Sometimes grasping, sometimes pinching, sometimes rubbing, sometimes squeezing the peaks with both hands.
The woman in green is good at solving the problem. She has slightly closed her breasts and fallen into a state of enjoyment. Chapter 1 Men’s Paradise 1 More
The woman in green has been in the bathroom for nearly half an hour, so that Situhao’s mind is dizzy and he finally realizes what life is like.
Faced with such a situation, Situ Hao really couldn’t stand it, but he was reluctant to leave, so he came to a show on the spot to enjoy it.
When the woman in green started to take a shower, Situhao didn’t even know if she was leaving the bathroom.
However, he has secretly made up his mind that he will also push down this boring and harmonious girl in front of him once. She is in the bathroom and I have solved it, which has completely aroused his desire for her.