This is the Gengjin Excalibur refined by Weiji, which is most suitable for his innate qi. He has one characteristic, that is, sharp and absolutely sharp.

Taking out the embryo of the sword of the innate Qi Geng Jin Excalibur, the defender should not immediately bring up the unique ritual practice technique in "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji", and practice it for a while. With painstaking efforts, he will be refined into his own life instrument and disappear into his own abdomen.
The biggest difference between Jian Xiu Fei Jian’s ordinary instruments is that it can almost evolve itself. As soon as the sword enters Wei Ji Dan Tian, it is unceremonious to extract Geng Jin’s spiritual strength from Wei Ji’s body to nourish itself.
This spiritual power extraction is very overbearing, that is, it is said to be plundering. However, Wei Ji has heard Wu Tong’s theory and knows this situation very well. It is because the flying sword and itself have not been well integrated, and it is good to keep spiritual power warm for a few days.
At this moment, Wei Ji not only recovers her spiritual power as soon as possible, but also does not spare her body elixir. As soon as she feels that her body spiritual power is about to run out, she quickly swallows a thousand-edged sword Yuan Dan to supplement her spiritual power.
Wei Ji did not restore Lingshi. One reason is that Lingshi aura did too much damage to meridians during this rapid transformation. Second, it is also because of this transformation that the spiritual power will be somewhat impure without certain conciseness.
In particular, the latter is a very big obstacle for Wei Ji, a person who attaches importance to taking root. He would rather consume limited pills than choose Lingshi.
Therefore, it lasted for seven days and seven nights to extract Wei Ji’s body from Geng Jin Excalibur. It was a long day to extract an ordinary sword. Wei Ji didn’t complain about this situation for himself, but his heart was full of joy, which just proved the powerful potential value of this flying sword he refined.
After the innate Qi Geng Jin Excalibur stopped extracting the spirit force of Wei Ji’s body for a moment, a copious spirit force surged out of the sword body like stormy waves and fed back into his meridians. At this time, Wei Ji had just served a new Qianfeng sword, Yuan Dan, and the surging spirit force was constantly pouring into the meridians.
In this hatchback, a joint force and a defensive body, which can be called majestic meridians, are also filled with spiritual forces. However, these two spiritual forces are running in opposite directions, which just hit the car in the meridians and caused great pressure on the defensive meridians.
Who avoid to see this at that time will be shocked by a secret method, powerful stroke body spiritual force changes, but before he has come out, demonstrated the innate qi Geng Jin Excalibur suddenly a tremor and a flying sword side then twisted out of a whirlpool, which is like a black hole, giving off a strong force, extremely sucking and pulling strength, vaguely with a strong whistling and rustling.
The flying sword feeds back and returns to the spiritual force. Inspired by this force, it is not in the entanglement of Dan Yaohua Spiritual Force. It immediately reverses and goes back to the abdomen. That Dan Yaohua Spiritual Force is no exception, and it is followed by it.
The speed is far beyond its daily performance level. If it were not for the fact that the meridians of his body were filled with spiritual force at this moment, he would certainly be able to give a loud splash.
Two copious spiritual forces rushed into the abdomen in tandem, and all of them were sucked by the vortex of the flying sword body and entered the sword body. At once, Wei Ji’s meridians became like nothing left.
At this moment, Wei Ji-fu’s mind seems that his consciousness root is not in general, that is, he has not eaten Qian Feng Jian Yuan Dan any more, nor has he operated "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji", and he has maintained this state regardless, because it is in his mind that it is the most beneficial to him.
As expected, but the moment was less than the original two spiritual forces, but it was more viscous and concise. The spiritual force spewed out from the sword and reversed back along the original route again, filling all meridians in his body.
When this spiritual force in the meridians came to a steady state, the defender immediately started the "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji"
Guide this spiritual force. This spiritual force is not a bit rebellious, and it is very gentle. After a week, the spiritual force has increased again.
At this moment, Wei Ji stopped temporarily, and then his hands pinched the tactic to display the unique practice of uniting the body and the sword. When it was natural, Geng Jin Excalibur flew out from the abdomen, and the tip of the sword stood upright in the chest and abdomen, and then a firm shock wave that was extremely cold but did no harm to Wei Ji was transmitted from the sword body and extended in all directions.
Almost in an instant, this firm but gentle wave was transmitted from Wei Ji’s 40 thousand pores in the whole body, and formed a virtual shadow of a three-foot-wide, Zhang Xu-high sword outside his body.
This sword’s virtual shadow was gathered here near the scene, and poured from the tip of the sword into the virtual shadow and poured straight into the body of Weiji from the top door.
When the aura enters the body, Wei Ji immediately runs "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Tactics". Whenever Wei Ji’s absorption speed is too fast, the flying sword standing in his chest and abdomen will vibrate, and the redundant aura will be taken in and then fed back from the transformation of pure spiritual force, which will not hurt Wei Ji meridians at all.
Wei Ji’s physical and spiritual strength is growing rapidly. Wei Ji never thought that the speed of practicing with a sword would be accelerated so much that even if he didn’t borrow Dan’s medicine, his practice speed would not be slow.
Although his speed is much worse than swallowing a lot of Dan medicine, he firmly believes that he will make a breakthrough in the thirty-six changes of the highest day and further improve his qualifications. He is sure that one day he will be a Bhutanese medicine and he will be able to practice at an extraordinary speed.
This cultivation of Weiji lasted for a month until I vaguely felt that the flying sword was like one person regardless of each other. At this time, Weiji stopped this cultivation.
Wei Ji, the master of refining, knows clearly that the spirituality of the flying sword will breed here. At this time, Wei Ji will naturally not suppress it again, but he should properly guide it to nourish the flying sword itself, split it out and integrate it into one.
This is the first time that the flying sword will be practiced from an ordinary sword embryo sacrifice to a first-order flying sword equivalent to a medium and low-order weapon.
The ritual practice technique Wei Ji is familiar with things no longer, so Wei Ji stopped practicing without any delay and immediately called the flying sword out of his body and suspended it in front of him.
With the guards, it is forbidden to display all kinds of dharma tactics naturally, and the dharma seal will shine or penetrate or bless the flying sword body like flowing water.
Who avoid refining device with a veteran know this kind of thing is urgent, he is in the mouth with a thousand blade sword yuan Dan when not needed, and didn’t take this force to speed up the practice process of flying sword sacrifice.
At this time, Wei Ji is in no hurry to control the rhythm of sacrifice and practice, and let the body and spirit consume "Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Tactics" to spontaneously operate and derive the spirit to form a balance, such as continuous water, and never stop sacrifice and practice.
In this process of practicing sword, Wei Ji can be said to be very focused, and gradually he forgot the passage of time and forgot that he had one skill left to practice sword.
At noon on the fortieth day, the flying sword suspended in the virtual suddenly shone with a bright golden light, which was very harsh. Wei Ji was also "awakened" by this golden light. He vaguely saw a three-inch shortened flying sword in Jin Guangzhong.
However, because the golden light is too harsh and fleeting, Wei Ji didn’t see it too clearly. However, at the moment when the golden light disappeared, he found that the flying sword was faintly out of his control. At this time, he doubted that the first step of flying sword sacrifice training had been successful.
At that time, Wei Ji developed the swordsmanship-five dragons lock swordsmanship, which was recorded in Innate Qi Geng Jin Jian Ji.
His left hand pinches the tactic, his right hand pinches the five fingers, a kind of metaphysical qualification, and five spiritual forces rush out from the other body immediately after a virtual turn, forming five fingers, thick and thin, long and short, and golden streamers in the virtual.
These five glories quickly came to fly sword and twisted around it, but after they twisted around it, it was no longer an entity, but it seemed that the fly sword body had ornamentation, so it was engraved.
Every streamer twisted and revealed ornamentation is like a miniature black dragon five ornamentation, and immediately after it is engraved, it blooms a harsh golden brilliance, which is like a shield. This shield is shrinking rapidly as if it were absorbed by a flying sword.
When the glory of the shield disappears, the flying sword is like a common iron, and the original eye-catching and floating ability has disappeared, so it falls to the ground.