Mark nai smiled and said, "Look at you two, one is my sister and the other is my wife. When it comes to throwing stones, I actually excite you into such a scandal." But after all, Mark still got up and packed up and went to a wide place.

Jung hwa Kim Song Zhiqian made a face at each other, then picked up the rubble of different sizes in the hole and looked at the distance and backed his hands to make a mark. Song Zhiqian held two fist-sized stones in his left hand and took a bigger one in his right hand, and then said to Jin Jing, "Sister, you should learn from me. Let him say that we will give him something to see."
Jin Jing smiled and picked up three stones to pull the posture. Song Zhiqian saw that Jin Jing was ready for the horse to mark and said, "Brother Yi, you can be careful. We are going to attack."
Mark nodded and indicated that they were ready. Song Zhiqian saw him nod and shouted "Yi Ge be careful". With that, the stone in his hand whizzed straight to Mark’s left shoulder. Song Zhiqian didn’t know how much Mark’s capability had risen by fifty percent, so the stone still screamed and hit the mark.
Just as this stone horse was about to hit the mark, Song Zhiqian was about to attack the second stone mark, but he lost his trace from where he was, and then he heard a bang, and the stone had turned into powder.
Song Zhiqian didn’t know what was going on, and the stone in the hands of two gold crystals had already hit the left side where the mark was located. It was not until the gold crystal made a move that Song Zhiqian saw that the original mark had already changed its position, but Song Zhiqian didn’t see how fast the visible mark was.
Looking at the ink wounds in mark’s hand, he walked over to meet Jin Jing and threw two stones. Song Zhiqian also said with a smile, "Well, I will show mercy to you, and you still laugh at me and watch me make efforts." After that, Song Zhiqian followed Jin Jing and used ten successes to throw the stones in his hand to mark.
These four stones are like four martial arts masters attacking the mark at the same time. After throwing stones in three ways, Song Zhiqian suddenly got a little scared. He was worried that if the mark could not cope with it, wouldn’t he be injured? After all, she and Jin Jing were hitting stones, which was not something that ordinary martial arts masters could resist.
Looking at the four stones carrying strong breeze, Song Zhiqian woke up and said, "Be careful."
Just as her voice did not fall, there was a crackling sound of four stones around her. These four stones had been shot down to the ground by the marks. This time, Song Zhiqian saw the real marks and there was nothing strange about the moves. The speed was strange, and when he saw the ink wounds, he shot down four stone parts, but this move was flawed and said that it had no flaws. In fact, it should be said that it had no roots and it was cracked.
Song Zhiqian and Jin Jing were stunned. I didn’t expect this kind of martial arts. At this time, I saw them stunned and said with a smile, "Isn’t it a pity that you picked up those many stones?"
Two people just slow lead to god to see that there are still many stones on the ground. Two people smiled and said, "Well, since you strongly demand it, we’re welcome." With that, the two men took turns to pick up the stone department and make efforts to hit the mark. This time, Song Zhiqian no longer worried about whether the mark could stop her. At this time, the mark is not what it used to be.
When the two of them were tired and panting, the mark was still smiling when they stopped attacking. It seemed that nothing had happened there, and there was a few gravel certificates around him. It was really attacked by two extremely good players just now.
Song Zhiqian looked at the ground and there were no stones left. She gasped and said, "I’m going to have a rest if I don’t come."
Jin Jing smiled and took Song Zhiqian’s hand back to his seat. At this time, Mark has also come back from a distance and said with a smile, "How about this double boundary power?"
Song Zhiqian pie pie said, "I can’t see that good is always so plain. You have narrowly escaped the attack of our two masters."
Mark smiled and said, "This is the second boundary. Perhaps this is the wisdom is foolish. Martial arts should defeat the enemy, but there are so many gorgeous moves."
Dong Fangshuo nodded and said, "Yes, the martial arts sects of Wulin Sect have to remember the moves again, so it’s hard to give the enemy a trace to follow. It seems that Xuanyuan’s predecessors have also taught me a lesson. It’s hard to win this trick, but it’s even harder. How many people can remember it, but they already have such power after understanding this double boundary, but they don’t know that the triple boundary is equal in power?"
Speaking of the triple boundary, Song Zhiqian asked the mark, "Brother Yi doesn’t know what the triple boundary is like. Can’t you practice now?"
Mark nai shook his head and said, "I didn’t know that you saw the triple world, and there was a Zen saying that didn’t even show a little. I couldn’t figure it out at the moment."
Song Zhiqian said, "I’m afraid the third importance is more difficult than the second. Maybe one day you will suddenly become white, just like this double boundary, you can’t force it."
Mark nodded and said, "Well, isn’t it said that Fodu is destined for someone?"
When it comes to predestined friends, Song Zhiqian thoughtfully lowered his head mark and turned to ask Dong Fangshuo, "When will Master Jingjing’s poison be cured? I’m afraid I’ll need her help when I deal with the masked man again."
Dong Fangshuo thought for a moment and said, "It’s hard to say, but according to her current recovery, it is estimated that it will take more than a month."
Mark oh said, "If the estimate is good, I’m afraid the masked man will move. If Jin Jing can recover, it would be better to have more strength to confront him. Until now, we still don’t know how strong he really is. Since there are so-called top ten French kings, according to the current situation, there are still a few people. We still don’t know who it is. It must be much more powerful than a few people.
Dong Fangshuo nodded and said, "Yeah, well, now the French king is showing up, except for the official. Others are both martial arts and powerful. Now Sally Ya and the deaf-mute village Huang Hu are dead, Ping Sanzhi and A Mu Gulang are missing, even hiding somewhere and waiting for the opportunity. That Zhou Tao is a court official and we are not doing much. Up to now, we don’t know who is hiding where and how powerful others are."
Mark said with a sigh, "It’s really hard for a few of us to cope with it, and we can take it one step at a time."
Song Zhiqian suddenly said at this time, "There is another one, how did you miss it? There is also that Wu Linger. Isn’t she also a French king?"
Mark doesn’t forget that he doesn’t think of Wu Linger. Because of Wu Linger, it is difficult to associate it with seven show. He thinks of the man in seven show who has a husband and wife. He knows that this is not a good idea.
But Song Zhiqian just poked his scar and looked at the scar. White Song Zhiqian looked at him for a while and said deliberately, "Oh, speaking of this Wuling son, I remembered my good sister. I think it’s better to take advantage of this period when Jingjing is recovering from illness. Let’s go to Yangzhou."
Mark doesn’t know what to say. She is prevaricating a few times.
Jin Jing looked at the two of them and then at Dong Fangshuo, and then said, "Master, I think it’s time for us to go out for a walk again."
Dong Fangshuo listened to Jin Jing and immediately looked up and laughed. "When did Xiao Ni learn to be so sensible? I think it’s time for us to go out for a walk."
Song Zhiqian wanted to tease the mark, but I didn’t expect Jin Jing to say this. I just wanted to argue that Dong Fangshuo had already pulled Jin Jing and went out.
Chapter 35 See the mountain is not the mountain, see the water is not the water (3)
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Mark turned to look at Dong Fangshuo and Jin Jing out of the cave, only to find that Song Zhiqian was staring at his mark with big eyes and hurriedly bowed his head and heard Song Zhiqian say, "You see, it’s all your fault for hurting Master and Jingjing. I always bully you."
Mark looked up and said, "How come? They just don’t want to disturb us."
Song Zhiqian gave him a white look and said, "How dare you quibble? I ask you whether you want to go to Yangzhou or not."
Mark said "don’t want to"
Song Zhiqian stared at his eyes and asked, "I really don’t want to?"