"Just for the quality of foreign aid, I think Hertha will definitely be downgraded this season!"

A group of reporters angrily cursed the ever-victorious Hertha, but no one came to talk to them.
They are so angry.
When Charles Andreas and Senna walked into the press conference hall with Changsheng, they didn’t connect with a flash and a constant shutter.
How many times did the flash flash and shutter?
nothing more/that’s all./nothing beyond/this only goes so far
Charles Andreas himself will be dazzled by the flash.
He had been looking forward to this media meeting when Chang Sheng, the head coach, told him.
But the cold reality made him a little disappointed.
More let him down is yet to come.
When he looked intently, he was wrong, so he blinked and looked intently again!
There are two reporters sitting in such a big news room!
Hertha is not so poor, is she?
He looked at the winning doubtfully.
Chang Sheng, however, sat down with Senna and said, "Last season, we banned media outlets. Today, there are two media outlets, one is the official website of Hertha, and the other is that we joined the media, Hertha Local Life."
Local life in Hertha?
Charles Andreas is ignorant of what Marca and Aspen have in Spain, but he has never heard of the newspaper Hertha Local Life.
When you hear this name, it’s the local tabloid.
"Although there are these two media now, you can rest assured that it won’t be long before you think that the news room here is small. Let’s hold a press conference."
Changsheng winked at press officer Alberto Garcia.
As soon as Garcia presided over the press conference seriously, he had to follow the procedure in the face of just two reporters.
This is also a constant requirement, otherwise he really wants to say, "There are only a few of us here, so you can chat casually!"
However, Changsheng requires that everything should follow the formal procedures and there should be no omissions.
He is trying to let everyone know that this is not a joke. The press conference is very serious. Even if one or two reporters come, it is still a press conference!
He won’t be perfunctory because there are few people.
Others may laugh at him, but he can’t look down on himself.
Everything should follow the formal procedures.
After the press officer finished speaking, Chang Sheng introduced the transfer situation to the two reporters. He smiled and looked relaxed, but he could not see the embarrassment when facing the two reporters.
Charles Andreas now admires his head coach more …
Senna doesn’t seem to care about all this at all. His look hasn’t changed since he came in.
He has never seen any media meeting with the team, so he doesn’t care about it. Unlike Charles, who is only 20 years old, he has many expectations for the future.
He is almost twenty-four years old, and his frequent transfer in Brazil, full of hope and final failure, has made him give up many unrealistic fantasies long ago. Now, for him, any media meeting, welcoming ceremony for fans are all empty, and he wants to get a chance to play.
He wondered whether he could get into the team as soon as possible after training and win the main seat. Although the head coach Chang Sheng said that he was here to play the main role, he didn’t believe that there was such a cheap thing to sign Hertha. He didn’t doubt that he wouldn’t believe what the head coach said in this respect.
He has seen how to get the main force after working hard, but he has never seen how to sit in the main force position without working hard.
Changsheng introduced the transfer situation to two journalists, and then it was the reporter’s turn to ask questions.
The two reporters took turns to ask
This scene is really weird, even they are not used to it.
Not to mention the players.
Senna is rather reserved and doesn’t talk much.
Charles Andreas is a Greek. He can’t understand Spanish, and he can’t say that he always wins. He will translate for him.
Can also communicate.
I just feel awkward
There is really no desire to speak in the face of just two journalists …
But after several cycles, everyone gradually got used to it-just consider it an interview.
It was then that Charles became talkative.