After the smoke, several meters thick black holes appeared in the church. Jason came to collect the body with all the masters of the security bureau. Jason was a’ fourth-order’ power, but he still couldn’t detect how deep those black holes were.

After a search, there was no body left in this secret battlefield. All the priests who were hit by golden light were instantly destroyed by the power of conan the destroyer.
The more I look for Jason, the more I feel cold. This power is too great. As soon as I close my eyes, the golden light falling from the sky for several meters will flash in my head.
Frank, the top official of the US Security Bureau in new york, immediately realized the seriousness of the matter when he received Jason’s report, and quickly made him override the local government to reach several special orders.
Upon receiving the order, the police station immediately sent several reporters who endured the blockade of the scene. Journalists from influential media companies were expelled by violence one after another. Although they were unwilling, they saw that the armed police had been dispatched, and these reporters also shut up.
In this way, things are directly pressed. Ordinary people continue to live their lives as they should, and they don’t know what happened. They know that the most sacred Vatican in their minds has abandoned them. All the top leaders of the Vatican in new york have already run away.
On the third day after freya woke up, the number of orientals with black eyes and hair appeared in new york. All the land was very young and the appearance was extremely short. When there were at least 10,000 people in new york market.
The first report of the security bureau’s workers at the airport was given to Frank Frank. Frank’s first thought was to let the China government bring these people back to China through diplomatic means. Looking at these young people with bare eyes, they were full of confidence and idiots knew that these people were not ordinary people.
Hundreds of people have turned new york upside down, and even if it is insurance, I am afraid it can send new york to the moon.
But when the workers handed these China passports to him, there was an impulse to kill people, and all of them were direct descendants of the world’s top family.
According to the law recently promulgated by the United Nations, the government of a country has not intervened to control the actions of these people, and the country has not interfered unless there is conclusive evidence of their crimes.
Besides, the China government has long known that these people have arrived in new york. Anyway, they are not in China, so they are too lazy to bother themselves and can’t manage it.
Take the loong Group as an example. There is a major general hanging in the military. If you return to Kunlun and call it Kunlun now, you have to call Shibozu. This generational disparity has no room to speak.
Jinyang has just been smiling because freya woke up after receiving the news that Hades came back. Suddenly, his face was cold and his face was covered with shadows. After a while, a series of orders were sent one after another.
At that time, Jinyang was immediately hidden in new york’s power department, and dared not have the slightest hint of a joke. If you can put your hands and feet on it, one person can estimate that you can wipe out the ten thousand people. But now, if Jinyang is still presumptuous against these people, he will definitely throw straws against the wind.
Even the trolls and hooligans in the world are aware of the danger and dare not continue to force girls to secretly move their positions and do business in this street.
Before you know it, the whole situation in new york is already very chaotic. Is it more time to fish in troubled waters at this time? Seize the opportunity and Jinyang will act at once.
Wisley, who was happy in Las Vegas, was found back by Jinyang for the first time and continued to be the godfather of his gang. For safety reasons, Jinyang directly gave him a piece of jade to make spells, which should be hung around his neck all the time. Even a sniper rifle can’t penetrate. After all, it’s a dust refining product, and even the ordinary power is not too small.
With the protection and support of Jinyang, while the federal government is busy when the Vatican’s masters in the United States are uprooted, Wesley quickly expands his territory, and thousands of people immediately move and powerful firepower is moved out of the ground room.
After the first wave of attacks, several weak gangs nearby were immediately scattered by Wesley’s powerful firepower. All the gang leaders were killed, and according to Jinyang’s instructions, these gang godfathers were all destroyed without leaving a trace of future trouble. Naturally, they were tightly grasped by Wesley.
However, those gangs that have been deeply rooted in new york for a hundred years are still firmly higher than Wesley in strength, especially several gangs with a long history. There are always a few powers behind them. These powers, like ghosts and ghosts, have no fixed organizational strength, and they can’t help gangs kill people and find ways to muddle along.
After Wesley reported the matter to Jinyang, Jinyang gave Jinyang a trick without thinking. Wesley immediately took out a lot of dollars to buy money, beauty, wine and poison.
In these things, yin and Hades confuse the dragon, the black fox and other more than 400 The Hunger door experts, and immediately move up and directly follow Wesley to become a real gangster, killing and setting fire to evil.
In order to prevent these people from being perceived by the experts who came to the right path, The Hunger made more than 400 pieces of jade symbols with special hidden breath by himself, and gave them to these local ruffians and hooligans. These guys would not be aware of their bloody energy if they didn’t make efforts to scatter fairy godsworn roots.
Although the law made efforts, their own strength touched the guns in half a day, and their eyesight was almost always accurate.
Jinyang made the dragon, the black fox and others immediately picked up submachine guns with good power like ordinary gangsters. These repairs are all magic ways to kill, and the more powerful they are, the stronger they are. They never blink and count to stop Wesley’s expansion. All the people were sent to die.
(There will be later)
Chapter 137 Ten thousand pieces of dismembered body
Chapter 137 Ten thousand pieces of dismembered body
At midnight, Wesley, with dozens of confidants, drove nearly ten long and expensive cars to a huge manor 100 meters away, and a shady tree was hidden in the darkness by the dim moonlight.
Wesley held a refined cigar made in Colombia with one hand and said with a smile to the dragon in front of him, "There are at least ten powers guarding around here. It’s very difficult. I already have 13 super gunmen in my hand. If I want to get close to the villa for 30 meters, I will be attacked immediately."
The dragon and the black fox didn’t care what he said. They continued to drink wine with one hand left, and a big-breasted underage girl kept kneading and didn’t know if it was true or not. The girl even gave a groan, which led to a surge of fire in Wesley.
Drank up the last sip of red wine in the bottle and threw it out at will, which means that the prominent part of the girl around her pinched it hard for a few times, and made Yue Long, the most basic fish in Wulin, jump out from the skylight and fall firmly to the ground.
A sharp whistle and dozens of black figures jumped out of the surrounding cars. Today, new york has already been occupied by monks in the Central Plains. Although these hooligans are very arrogant, they dare not make The Hunger corpse in new york. After all, it is not much different from seasoned road.
Dozens of monks, who had already been trained as then, were dressed in black and armed with submachine guns, just like gang members. Dozens of people immediately rushed to the villa and left a series of shadows in the dark.
When they are close to the villa wall 30 meters away, a dense gun suddenly sounded around the roof or window, and several gunmen and high-explosive bombs immediately reached the dragon and others. If there is no defense, it will definitely be shot into a screen.
But just when the bombs were one centimeter away from them, a flash of green light flashed, and these bombs disappeared instantly, as if they had never appeared before, and were directly vaporized into basic energy sources.
War dragon and others grimaced, without making The Hunger’s corpse and gas department the most common martial arts in the Jianghu. A simple prancing body was shot at the fully three-meter-high fence, and the gun in his hand was shot up.
Several shotgun and submachine guns from Wisconsin poured fire wildly in these ruffians and hooligans, with high accuracy and hit rate, and dozens of gunmen came out instantly, and their heads and brains were immediately exploded, and the white walls were immediately dyed red.
At this moment, there was a scream, and nine strange people flew out of the villa, and all of them were flashing with strong light. Obviously, whether they were ordinary people or not was what Wesley said. Judging from the energy values they showed, most of them were’ second-order’ and’ third-order’ low-level powers.
Dragon and others suddenly smiled insidiously. One by one, a ghost head and a long knife suddenly appeared in their hands, and they rushed directly. Today, most of the hooligans and hooligans who came here are experts in the Jianghu. Recently, they can’t make The Hunger dead, but martial arts is nothing.
All The Hunger’s corpse gas is huddled in the meridians deep in the abdomen, and a aura of heaven and earth rushes directly into them, simulating some low-level art routes in the Central Plains Jianghu to run quickly in the meridians.
Soon absorbed in, the aura of heaven and earth instantly turned into the force in the Jianghu. Suddenly, the ghost Dao in their hands immediately shot out the long rice knife, and it was very tacit that all the hooligans set their physical strength around the’ first order’ and looked like a’ first order’ power.
Although the strength is much stronger than these powers, the dragon and others are still based on the fact that the wind is always more and the play is less, and almost all of them are surrounded by three people.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
One of these powers are still very confident. After all, they are all "second-order" powers to deal with several "first-order" powers, which are not the mistresses.
But after half a minute, all the powers are confused, no matter whether they attack or hurt these’ first-order’ powers, they are surprised to know that Zhan Long and others are training with them.
Half a minute later, the dragon felt that he had had enough fun and hurriedly grinned. The ghost knife in one hand stabbed out as fast as a flash, and the besieged power was frightened to find that the blow wanted to hide, but the body speed could not keep up with it, so he could not escape.
"Snow" a ghost Dao was rooted in the power body, and the dragon’s hands trembled slightly. A powerful knife gas broke out, and the power was suddenly blown into blood fog.