"Now is not to say that this time let sorbet take care of Xiaotian and Meng Hong’s predecessors. We must take this opportunity to kill the evil robbers, or Xiaotian will do all this in vain!" After seeing Henaan’s poor eyes, Tie Yingyue immediately gave a wry smile, but she didn’t explain it to them because the situation was very urgent.

"Ah Yue said to me that all this should be planned by Xiaotian. Let’s not disappoint Xiaotian! Let’s kill the evil robber and talk about his business! " At this time, the dance style is the highest, and immediately the clappers directly say
"good!" Henaan, they also know that they can’t delay. Immediately, everyone flies towards the evil hijacker. Although the evil hijacker doesn’t seem to be very good, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. They are still very careful to form a mixed war and then directly explode the most powerful attack and bombard the evil hijacker.
"Don’t!" At this time, the evil hijacker has been out of his mind. Seeing Henaan and their attack on the evil hijacker, he immediately screamed miserably, but Henaan ignored them and the attack intensity was even stronger.
In a short time, Henaan attacked the evil hijacker who had already lost the ability to resist. It was very sad to be bombarded by Henaan and them, but it did not kill the evil hijacker. After all, the strength of the evil hijacker was very strong, but at this time he was seriously injured and had no resistance.
"Let’s work harder to kill him and make the world completely clean!" Iron shadow month, their five women’s eyes are full of hatred, so they don’t know what the situation is like in Huangfu Zhantian, but they don’t intend to let go of this culprit [
"yeah!" Dance Wind After they heard the words of Tieying Moon, they nodded their heads, and then everyone was crazy about condensing energy and then rushing towards the strongest Sakura Jill, whose strength is the strongest among them. Her strength is the same as that of Huangfu Zhantian.
"Waste!" Just as Sakura Jill was preparing to give the evil hijacker the last blow, a cold voice came, followed by a gray figure in the astonished eyes of all, and quickly came to the side of the evil hijacker who was no longer human, and then directly grasped the evil hijacker with a wave of his hand.
"Who are you?" Dance style they asked coldly, and no one in the crowd saw this person as if he appeared, and this person’s figure was like a ghost, and they couldn’t lock this person in. They could watch this gray dress with alert eyes. Section 195: Gray energy
"Hum, you people will settle accounts with you later. I will play with you when there is no seat. I will spare your life today!" The mysterious man in gray said coldly, at this time, everyone’s eyes can’t see clearly the face in gray bk >
"Jill!" Dance wind immediately after hearing this person’s words directly mouth way
When I heard the dance wind, I had already prepared Sakura’s hand. Suddenly, it was elastic, and then a virtual force strong enough to break broke out from Sakura’s hand and rushed wildly towards the gray man.
"Damn you!" As soon as Sakura Jill’s attack was launched, the man in gray suddenly became furious and crazy. A thick khaki shield was formed in front of him, while others retreated toward the back with the evil robber under their arms.
"Boom …!" [
The powerful force directly tore up the shield and then severely hit the gray man and the evil robber.
"Snow … boom …!"
Two tones came to the gray man’s direct blood gushing out. Obviously, he was injured in the blow, but the evil robber was not so lucky. He was seriously injured when he was attacked by Henaan and others. This force directly tore up the evil robber’s body and tore up a piece of paint. black souls flew out of the broken body and flew towards the gray man, but the aftermath of that force directly bombarded the soul, which made the paint black souls suddenly dim a lot, but it was protected by the gray man and did not dissipate.
"Everything you have done today will be ten times and one hundred times. Let me teach you a little lesson first!" The man in gray looked at his already dim soul force and suddenly became angry, but he was not going to let Henaan go. Although they could not kill them, they would give them an unforgettable lesson.
With that, the man in gray waved a hand and a bottle with gray aerosol came out of his hand and flew towards Henaan and them.
"Be careful of the defensive formation!" Well-informed and well-informed, the wind immediately yelled at the gray man after seeing a gray bottle in his hand, and then gathered the people together crazily, and then a powerful defense formation was formed instantly, which protected the three of them, namely, sorbus Meng Hong and Huangfu Zhantian.
Just after the formation of all the people, the gray bottle was Henaan, and they formed the formation, and the party crashed and exploded, and the gray energy went crazy towards Henaan.
"Hold your breath and go to Pidu Dan and all the antidote pills!" Wu Feng roared, and he grabbed a bottle and poured a lot of Dan medicine into his mouth. When others heard Wu Feng’s words, they quickly took out Dan medicine from the ring and went away.
"No, haha, you are suffering slowly. Wait until the seat is over. I will definitely come to you for revenge. Don’t die. Wait for the seat …!" When the man in gray saw this scene, he flew away without hesitation and left the people looking at each other.
"No, this gray energy is too weird. My energy can’t isolate this gray energy!" Yu Xiaoxian was the first to exclaim, but her hand was invaded by gray energy. Her whole arm turned gray, and she kept invading toward the surface.
"Me too. What the hell is this?" Soon everyone felt that something was wrong with them, and when their formation was chaotic, they were relieved that they were not in danger now.
"Look, everyone, there is Xiaotian who has not been infringed. It seems that we can save Xiaotian and then remove the gray energy of all of us." When everyone panicked, the shadow of the moon entered the ears of everyone
Hearing the words of Iron Shadow Month, all the people turned their attention to the fact that Huangfu Zhantian was in a coma. It seems that he was not invaded by this gray energy as Iron Shadow Month said. It seems that this time, Huangfu Zhantian will be rescued before they can lift their gray energy.
"O month Xiaotian how did this happen? Just now, I saw that the evil robber attacked him and didn’t attack him. Why is Xiaotian motionless? " Yan asked the sunrise
"A while ago, Xiaotian talked to me, and then the two of us performed a play. Now Xiaotian is out of power. Let’s get him into the small world first. After all, the aura concentration in the small world is strong enough to make him recover better." Tieying Yuekou said.
"Just now I tried it. I don’t know what we can’t get into the small world. Let’s go out and leave here first. Fortunately, our gray energy didn’t hinder our action! Go! " Henaan look dignified way
When they were just about to go out, the palace suddenly shook, and thick powerful forces kept pounding from the surface, and all the rubble fell down.
"No, we’re going to collapse here. Let’s go!" Dance wind immediately exclaimed after seeing this situation, and then frantically pulled the people towards the road where they came, but the gravel here was blocked and the road ahead was completely different, which made the people’s faces suddenly change.
"Blast a tunnel out from the surface or we’ll all be buried alive here!" Is carrying suspection.i war day dance wind crazy shouted after shouting his feet mercilessly toward the bombardment, as he bombarded a huge hole in their side [
"I’ll do it!" At this time, Sorbus pohuashanensis has woken up from the sadness just now and turned around. Her hands instantly became her claws, and then she went crazy along this hole towards the surface.
"Everyone follows!" See sorbus faster than he dance wind directly take the lead with suspection.i Zhantian fly toward the surface and others also closely behind the dance wind.
At this time, Sorbus pohuashanensis felt that there was no way to beat the hole as soon as possible, and she became out of the body and then drilled faster towards the surface.
This process didn’t last long, and soon everyone came to this place. When they came, they found that the mountain had completely sunk into the surface when they came forward, and there was a pit about several hundred meters deep in front of everyone. It was obviously this mountain that flooded the palace. Section 196: Treat everyone
"Now let’s recover here first. Although the aura concentration here is not as good as that in the small world, it is much stronger than that outside, and there are so many exotic flowers and plants. Maybe we can use the medicine here when Xiaotian wakes up!" Tieyingyue is the coolest at this time. Nothing has changed here except that big mountain is trapped. There is no danger here. It is just a resting place for readers to read thousands of novels and finish advertisements!
"Just now, I have given Xiaotian several holy pills. I think he should wake up soon. Turn around!" Huayingkou avenue
"Ah …!"
Just when they were just preparing to fight against the gray energy, a piercing shout came to see Jiang Fei son, but he screamed with his head in his arms. His face was full of gray energy, just like poisoning.
"Ah …!" [
Then everyone appeared different degrees of pain, like dancing style. They were fine. After all, their roots were very solid, and they were not like Jiang Feier and Sakura Jill. They seemed to be in pain, and they also found that their quarrelling roots could not resist this gray energy.
"Why isn’t Xiaotian awake yet? Come on, we’re all dying of pain!" Xiao Yan’s face showed pain, and he was still in a coma, suspection.i fought heaven.
"Look, everyone!" Soon there was a big energy circle around Huangfu Zhantian, which constantly absorbed the surrounding reiki, which was absorbed by Huangfu Zhantian after entering the scope of Huangfu Zhantian.