"During my reign, the blue family has changed for three generations. I almost watched them grow up one by one, grow old and die one by one …"

"and friends in the human world die faster."
"Branyan Aoben Lyon, they are not as strong as inferno. Lyon, their ordinary people, died when they were over 1 year old, and then Aoben died. The longest life span is Bran and your father, but they also gave birth to them for less than 1000 years."
"You and I have been traveling from all walks of life, and I can’t remember the details. When I came to my mind, there was no one we knew or who knew us in several circles."
Night feather listened to Xiu’s slow narrative and felt that his body was getting cold gradually, so he turned his back and buried himself in his arms, wrapped his feet around his cold body.
Hugh took a deep breath and continued to elaborate, "It was the second millennium when you and I realized that all our companions and friends had left us and felt lonely for each other. Then we went to the human world to look for the mysterious little Yuri and Noah." As a result … "
The result?
Night feather was also attracted by the story, and looked up curiously.
Xiu stroked the night feather’s face. The original unruly eyes now seem to be some gods.
"As a result … waiting for us is the tomb of Noah and Xuanming …"
Night feather a surprised.
"Noah’s tomb is a matter of course. The old Roger in the dark elf forest juxtaposed him with Dana’s tomb."
"She told me that Noah had been thinking about you all his life until he died because of lovesickness, which made the long-lived dark elves suffer like this. She said that Noah wanted to end his life early, reincarnate early and forget you …"
Night feather bite bite lips.
"We gave flowers to Noah’s grave and went to find Xuanming." We found Xuanlei and little Yuri in a valley in Tommy Principality. They were guarding Xuanming’s tombstone … "
"Little Yuri hates you, Night Feather!"
Night feather smell speech shake a.
"Because you rejected Xuan Ming, he no longer took his life as one thing, but kept going on without giving himself a rest or thinking until he forced himself to death."
I think I should be happy when I know that my two rivals in love are both dead and have been reincarnated, and it is impossible to compete with me for you in this life, but … I feel empty and lonely inexplicably.
"No sense of accomplishment, no joy, inexplicable emptiness and lonely night feathers. What do you think this is?"
Night feather silence
After a pause, he continued, "Your regret for the next thousand years has caused us a deep rift."
"We gradually drifted apart …"
"In a world where no one knows himself or anyone else, you can prove yourself only by constantly creating or destroying yourself. You and I are constantly meeting new friends, constantly taking risks, mercenaries holding various activities and human demons constantly repeating the cycle of getting acquainted, dying, getting acquainted and dying, but no one can know us deeply."
"There are two of us, you and I, who really know each other and understand each other, but they finally go their separate ways because of the previous rift …"
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Chapter 42 fix ideas
Hearing Xiu said that they would break up, Night Feather nervously grabbed Xiu’s skirt and touched his hand and smiled slightly.
But in the end, we were faced with parting ways, but that’s when I woke up.
Night feather feel eyes are gradually restored.
"I didn’t let you go."
"I love you, and I love you at last. When you are about to leave me, my feelings gush out."
"No matter how much you regret and how sad it has happened, it is a foregone conclusion that you have accepted it and changed it!"
"I insisted that you stay and it took hundreds of years for little Yuri and Xuanlei to forgive us."
"It took hundreds of years to find Noah and Xuanming, take care of them and teach them."
"In this process, you and I will get to know each other again and fall in love."