"Isn’t this strange place really strange? How convenient it is to have a small kitchen? So many women like to eat all the same?" Mu nian is a little confused.

"Of course it’s not the same. Maybe he doesn’t want to be special. In some ways, he is very strict with his women." Muhuan casually said that he remembered that he was lying in bed when Leng Yuxin was playing tricks, which was naturally uncomfortable in his heart, but he didn’t show it in front of him.
"It also depends on who is right? ! I think he’s going to spoil that Leng Yuxin. "Munian sighed." It’s also good to set up a small kitchen. Don’t worry about who hurts people because of rivalry. "
"Although the women in this mansion also want to compete for favor, they dare not look bold because it is too cold for those concubines to be cold now, and they are absolutely exclusive to others." Muhuan looked through it.
"But this government steward is not Hwan’s son. Your cold heart is not as good as yours. If she wants to harm this meal one day, it will be miserable to do something about it." Munian naturally has her own worries.
"Brother, it’s not so easy to have Sogeum and O want to give me poison." Muhuan didn’t say that he had Nini, a "detoxification beast". Although he believed in Munian 100%, Nini had to keep this secret for a while before she was strong.
Brother and sister whispered all the way to the kitchen and said what they had come for. The cooks hurriedly gave up the stove and steamer and watched curiously as the princess and her brother steamed the noodles themselves.
"Everyone said that she was a loser and used to like cooking."
"This night haze is the most noble night haze. It’s incredible that the princess and the prince like to run into the kitchen."
"Yes, it’s a pity that our prince loved the martial arts field since he was a child and led troops to fight and gallop on the battlefield at the age of twelve. It’s a shame to find such a princess except that face looks better!"
People can’t talk about divination together. From time to time, they enter the ears of brother and sister. Mu Nian’s eyebrows are wrinkled and he is about to send Muhuan, but he gently pulls his hand and shakes his head.
Mu Nian lamented in his heart, and once again decided to go back as soon as possible to say that his father had dissolved Mu Huan’s 100-mile-long strange marriage, and only by himself could he give Mu Huan his heart, love and make her really happy!
So in a whisper, the two brothers and sisters calmly steamed their own cakes, which were ignored, and the aroma of wintersweet gradually diffused from the steamer skillfully mixed together, which made people feel that these two people were so different, so detached and so noble, even if they appeared in a slightly messy kitchen, even if their royal brothers would not care about the stove, even if they bent down from time to time to add firewood to the stove, their every move seemed so noble.
It turned out to be the first talented woman in Cangxi. Gu Suqing’s children are really unusual. People’s eyes are gradually getting more and more folded and they are gradually losing interest.
When you walk into the kitchen, you see a room full of people quietly and busily looking up from time to time at the former brother and sister who are snuggling up to this stove. Their eyes sparkle with a trace of respect and a trace of paine. That fragrance is really wonderful! These people have been busy in the kitchen for most of their lives, but they never thought that Chimonanthus praecox could make cakes like this!
"Your Majesty!" Some people are sharp-eyed and surprised when they see the back-cutting hands coming, so they all salute and greet each other. Everyone is a little suspicious. Where does the sun rise today?
It’s surprising enough that this loser princess and her brother ran into the kitchen and steamed cakes by themselves. Their own fairy-like report actually ran into the kitchen, too. What are you going to sing? ! You know, Wang Ye has always been a neat freak. Walking into the kitchen is definitely not his style!
"Why is the sovereign here?" "Lord Xu!" Muhuan and MuNian also didn’t expect to look at each other at once, and hurriedly greeted MuHuan with a slight red face, which reminded him of that kiss last night.
"The dynasty came back from this side and smelled the fragrance in the kitchen. I felt a little hungry and came over. I didn’t expect it to be the princess and the prince. What are you doing here?" A hundred miles away from the heat naturally won’t say that he overheard the conversation between brother and sister in the dark tunnel last night, so today he deliberately bypassed the small kitchen just to try the wintersweet cake.
He is a person who loves sweets and cakes. Mu Huan made this cake. Of course, he doesn’t want to miss his mother’s time. He said that this girl’s craftsmanship is a must. Subconsciously, he doesn’t want Mu Huan to make cakes specially.
"Your Majesty, we steamed cakes." When Muhuan calculated, it was just time to start the furnace. Lala longed for the hand "Brother can do it."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Matchmaker Long Gu!
"good! You go back first "MuNian nodded in the previous step to hold the steamer stove.
"You might as well let people do such things." It’s rare for thyme to deign to go into the kitchen to see Mu Nian, and it’s still a little hard to accept that he has to hold the greasy steamer in person.
"Don’t do it yourself from beginning to end so that the cake is more fragrant!" Munian smiled and shook his head. When his hands stretched out, he picked up the steamer and put it aside. Then he uncovered the cover.
"It smells good!"
"How beautiful!"
In the white air, people can’t help but admire it. It turned out that it was a cake. Mu Huan and Mu Nian were cute little people and animals. They were vivid and colorful.
"It’s good to see it. It’s very appetizing." Thyme Mo Xu also nodded in praise.
"Brother Xu didn’t eat before the morning, did he?" Suddenly, the iconic sound of Leng Yuxin sounded outside the door, but it was too artificial to make people turn off their appetite. "Seeing this, people must be hungry."
The sound of Leng Yuxin has appeared at the kitchen door, but this pampered princess royal naturally won’t enter the kitchen door. She looked at Muhuan and Mu Nian’s eyes and said, "I didn’t expect to read Wang Ye and his sister and those artists who have such skills and people to be inseparable!"