"oh! Oh, my god You came just in time! I just woke up! " See Zhang Xiaotian all appeared in front of Zhang Dianfei laughed and said to Zhang Xiaotian them.

"Congratulations to Zhang Dage for making great progress!" Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile.
"alas! Unfortunately, it didn’t reach the level of ghost emperor! Bai stayed in that array for so long! " Zhang Dianfei shook his head and said with a wry smile.
"If Brother Zhang doesn’t mind, there are still a few treasures here that can increase the talent of the mind. Brother Zhang will refine them before going in, for example?" Zhang Xiaotian looked at Zhang Dianfei and said with a smile.
"Refining and refining a few treasures that increase the ability to read?" After hearing what Zhang Xiaotian said, Zhang Dianfei couldn’t help looking Zheng.
"Yes! Brother Zhang didn’t reach the level of ghost emperor. It must be because of his qualifications. " Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Three ghost emperors!
Zhang Dianfei looked at Zhang Xiaotian with a face of surprise and said after a while, "I had an adventure in the secular world before, and my mind increased a little! Although it’s not much, I still have no problem reaching the level of ghost emperor! " Speaking of which, Zhang Dianfei shook his head. "I don’t think the realm just didn’t reach the level of the ghost emperor because of insufficient qualifications!"
"Not because of qualifications?" Zhang Xiaotian looked at Zhang Dianfei with a face of surprise.
"well! It’s a feeling! Ghost emperor level realm is not so easy to achieve! I don’t think this array can be done! " Thoughtfully for a moment Zhang Dianfei said slowly
"This array can’t make ghost repair reach the realm of ghost emperor?" Zhang Xiaotian a face of shock asked again.
"I think so!" Zhang Dianfei must have nodded.
Zhang Xiaotian stunned for a while and then looked at the law next to him!
"I think the effect will be better if the array level can be higher!" Wanted to think Zhang Dianfei continued
Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes lit up first, then shook his head and smiled bitterly, and then thought high again! Is it so easy?
The original Zhang Xiaotian intended to help Zhang Dianfei after he reached the ghost emperor’s period. Now it seems that this hope is unlikely!
"Xiao day! You have also been promoted? " Suddenly Zhang Dianfei asked in surprise.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head and looked a little lost. There should be joy after the height was improved.
"How long did you stay in the array and how did you raise a level?" Zhang Dianfei asked again with a frown.
"Previously, I had to take care of my brothers who entered the array, but they didn’t. My training was a breakthrough in my mind a few days ago!" Zhang Xiaotian shook his head and said with a wry smile, now he deeply regrets that if he had previously entered the law, he would take it to a higher level! Things are much better than they are now
"Not into the array?" Zhang Dianfei looked at Zhang Xiaotian with a face of shock.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian some god nodded.
"What the hell happened?" Pack up face expression Zhang Dianfei eyes looked at Zhang Xiaotian a face of seriously asked.
See Zhang Dianfei a face of serious sample Zhang Xiaotian thoughtfully for a moment to tell Qin Wan things to him one by one.
"Don’t worry! Xiaotian! If there is anything I can do to help, I will definitely go! " When Zhang Xiaotian narrates things, Zhang Dianfei has been silent. After Zhang Xiaotian narrates, Zhang Dianfei patted Zhang Xiaotian on the shoulder and said firmly.
"Thank you, Brother Zhang!" Zhang Xiaotian said with a face of weak smile that supporting him is equal to doing the right thing with the three major forces of hell, the hell and the ghost gate! It is really rare for Zhang Dianfei to say so.
The ghost gate forces the city to leave the soul city!
The city is hundreds of miles long and wide! Spacious streets, towering shops and restaurants! Come and go, ghosts are busy!
There are more than a dozen array-sending places! The light keeps shining, and ghosts keep coming in and out of it
Suddenly, a white light came on at one of them, and two young people around the age of twenty appeared! One in white and one in black! A red one and a purple one! It is to find Qin Wan and Zhang Xiaotian brothers.
"elder brother! This soul-leaving city deserves to be a top-level ghost gate city! It’s really lively! " Looking at the bustling scene from the soul city Yang Xiao excitedly said
"well! It is much more lively than Tianyi City! " Glancing around, Zhang Xiaotian said simply that words have no emotional fluctuations.
"elder brother! Let’s go now! There is still a long way from the ghost town here, and I can’t find out with my eyes! " Sighed Yang Xiao export said
"good! Let’s go! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded and said, "Say that finish." The guards threw some soul stones at one side and headed for the gate.
When they sent it here, they didn’t hide it, so the guards didn’t always be very respectful like other ghosts because they delayed some time in sending it!
Strength decides everything in hell!