Haikui put a straight face. "You know, I am a man, and I should break out of my own world. Do you want me to give up my ideal because of my children’s affair?"

Yu Lin immediately showed some confusion,
Haikui sighed in his heart, such a beautiful and simple girl, who will marry in the future is really a blessing from generation to generation,
Haikui finally chose to cheat Yu Lin, and a white lie stabilized Yu Lin. As time went by, maybe the real Ye Sheng came back, maybe he was forgotten, maybe all this was false, but now Haikui can’t penetrate this true and false world.
No matter here or on earth, men are always the main force of productivity, and men’s pursuit of career is taken for granted. If women don’t support it, it will be regarded as unreasonable.
Yu Lin nodded,
Haikui laughed. "Then I’ll take you home."
Lin Yu nodded,
Haikui looked at Yu Lin, and now he can do this.
Coaxed Yu Lin, ordered Wang Wu to set up the carriage, and he and Lin Yutong sat in the car, while Wang Wu and Locke were driving outside.
Yu Lin lifted the car curtain and looked back at the hut, looking at the hut getting farther and farther away from her, and her face was very sad.
Haikui looked at her and knew that she regarded the old lady as her grandmother. Like a woman with a beautiful appearance and a more beautiful heart, Haikui felt that Han Wen counted as one.
So he became a good man again in an instant. Although he is no longer bound by law and does not follow monogamy, Haikui has his own laws and rules in his heart.
Haikui can’t wear long hair around his waist either, because he doesn’t like to wear long hair. He feels that men with long hair are more feminine.
Long hair and waist may also be a beautiful lie,
The carriage went farther and farther, and finally there was no one to see the small bridge and flowing water. Lin Yucai was reluctant to put the curtain down, sighed and stared at Hai Kui.
Haikui was stared at Mao Mao by Yu Lin and asked, "Is there anything on my face?"
Yu Lin shook her head. "No, I just feel like seeing more," she said, blushing and lowering her head.
Haikui touched his face, not very happy, because this face is leafy, and the earth is leafy, but Haikui did not feel that he was worse than Yesheng. He said that he was definitely more handsome than Yesheng without narcissism, which made girls fall in love at first sight.
Haikui comforted herself, smiled, and hey hey yin smiled.
"Elder brother, what are you laughing at?" Yu Lin asked weakly.
Haikui put away his smile and said, "It’s okay, it’s okay."
The carriage soon came near Lin Yu’s house, and they got into the carriage. Haikui said, "I’ll watch you go back, you go."
Yu Lin looked at him eagerly and said, "Why don’t you walk me into the house, or go to my house to do it, have some tea and have a rest?"
Haikui shook his head and said with a smile, "Come on, I’m not what you think. I’m a gentleman, and you didn’t seduce me again."
Yu Lin spat and turned away.
Hai Kui looked at her back and shouted, "Ah, what a beautiful girl, you just left me."
Men are so cheap,
Chapter 39 There are robbers in the mountains
Yu Lin walked forward and never looked back. Haikui looked at her hair and gently shook it behind her back and smiled back when she walked to the door.
Haikui suddenly felt a jump in his heart.
This is if she but turned her head and smiled, there were cast a hundred spells’s country with a smile and then a smile.
Yu Lin stopped to laugh and hung on his face for a long time. Haikui was stunned at the moment
Yu Lin is waiting for Haikui to call her.
Haikui smiled at the corner of her mouth after half a day, waved her hand at her for two times, and then turned her head and never looked back.
Whether it is true or not, Haikui hopes that she has nothing to pay for, because he is afraid that he can’t help it.
He really hopes that all this is illusory, that is, he broke into it and set it up.
Haikui never forgot what he came here for-that is, he didn’t want to be away from here after nine times. The owner of the fairy tomb promised him that he would live on his own and stay with his family.
Haikui suddenly found himself thinking that his family was quiet and quiet, and a sense of happiness came to him.
Lin Yugu is just a few steps away from Qingfeng County, and it says Qingfeng County has a low wall.
Haikui looked up at the word "wind and sun all the year round" and said, "Do you have anything to tell?"
"My Lord, this is the way for a horse?" Wang Wu asked.
"Just don’t ask adults to call the public, and pay attention to the wording, not the road but the capital!" Haikui smiled and said to Wang Wu.
"Yes, it is a small mistake!"
"My Lord, I want to go home," Locke said.
Haikui looked at Wang Wu. "What about you?"
"We are both married with children." Wang Wu is also looking forward to it
Haikui nodded. "Well, you leave your things to me and watch you go home first."
Wang Wu and Locke glanced at each other and put the gold solution on the car. In addition, the car and the talent gave those articles.
Haikui smiled and nodded to them. "Go!"
"Yes, we will go back quickly," Wang Wu said to Haikui with a slight apology.
Haikui still smiled and said, "Nothing, go."
The two turned to go in high spirits, and Haikui hurriedly shouted, "You two wait."
Wang Wu and Locke six doubts back.
Hai Kui took out two ingots of gold from his backpack and handed them to Wang Wu and Luo Liu "one by one to go back to his family".
Two people’s eyes flashed with excitement but hesitated without reaching out.
Haikui pretended to be angry. "Why don’t you want it? Is it too few? "
Wang Wu Luo Liu hurriedly shook his head. "Isn’t it too much!"