Without Hertha Atletico Madrid, it would definitely be elected as the most inspirational team in the second division of the season.

In addition to speculating on the silent ball, the media are still doing one thing, that is, speculating on the contradiction between Changsheng and Atletico Madrid, which can be said to be the reserved program of Changsheng and Atletico Madrid.
It would be better if it could provoke a war of words between the two sides.
Changsheng did not disappoint them.
At the regular press conference in the middle of the week, he took the initiative to start a war. "Remember what I said? Atletico Madrid will definitely not upgrade. I assure you that I am telling the truth. Maybe you already know, from relegation to promotion and championship, which time did I say I didn’t do it? What I said is done! "
Then he grinned at the reporters.
That smile means that he has once again started a war, but not against the media, but against Atletico Madrid, the third largest football club in Spain.
It seems that he is always fighting and never stops.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-four Fighting power five dregs
Before the final round of the league, the promotion was upgraded, the demotion was downgraded, and the championship was won. The only suspense in this final round is who the last promotion quota belongs to.
Atletico Madrid? Or real betis?
This week, the media, but whenever they report on the League B, are reporting on this game. Other games are just like there have never been any other games in the world.
The war of words between the two sides finally started when they kept speculating.
The first shot must be a winner.
He took the lead in the mid-week regular press conference.
Swear again that Atletico Madrid will upgrade this season.
It’s no surprise to everyone that he always wins first. After learning about his feud with Atletico Madrid, he will be abnormal if he doesn’t say something.
For Atletico Madrid, winning is a mad dog.
Although I look down on him, I’m still upset about being bitten by him.
If you are unhappy, you will fight back.
They don’t consider whether this will anger Hertha and make them reluctant to release water.
I was proud of Atletico Madrid. They didn’t bother to ask Hertha for help.
They also hope that Hertha will not release water so that when Atletico Madrid beats them, they can humiliate each other.
The vast majority of Atletico Madrid people have no psychological burden and no pressure to fight with Hertha.
The first is Atletico Madrid coach Marcos Alonso.
When he came, he didn’t deal with Changsheng-he remembered how Changsheng humiliated him.
"I am very happy to meet such an opponent at such an important time in the final round of the league. My players and I are ready and can’t wait."
He said it was obscure, but if you want to know what happened when the two teams met once, everyone will know what he was talking about.
This is a euphemism for "the axe is hungry!" "
Said they were desperate for revenge
The head coach can also refrain from directly tearing his face.
His players may not have such good self-restraint.
Atletico Madrid’s top scorer Salvatore has scored 23 goals so far this season, and he ranks second in the league scorer list.
Salvatore is very confident in his Atletico Madrid Serie B trip. When he joined Atletico Madrid, he believed that he would lead the team back to the first division and become the top scorer in the second division after one season. This is a normal idea. Can the top scorer in the first division come to the second division and still not get the top scorer?
He is really in good shape, scoring 23 goals a season and pulling the third place with more than seven goals.
It happened that a Greek appeared in Hertha!
Before that, Yasta Salvatore had never heard of it!
How did you score 267 goals?
This made Salvatore very unhappy
He naturally acted as the anti-Hertha Depth Charge.
"I heard that coach Hertha vowed that Atletico Madrid could not be promoted. Obviously he wanted to beat us in Calderon? Ha! This is really the funniest joke I have heard this year! "
Salvatore attacked the horse and got the Hertha player to fight back. The man who jumped out to fight back was a grumpy Carlos Campo. If there is any conflict between the militant points, he must rush to the front.
"Is it funny to beat them in Calderon? I will make him laugh! "
Carlos Campo admitted that he helped Changsheng solve an enemy. He was smug and planned to go to the boss to like it. Unexpectedly, the boss took the initiative to find him first-he was reprimanded by Changsheng during the training the next day.
"Carlos, don’t let you talk about this game from now until the end of the game!"