"I protest …" Ninety thousand powerful tunnels obviously know that no matter how you say it, it can’t change the reality.

"Uh, no!" Xiao asked what suddenly thought of immediately
"What’s the matter?"
Xiao Wen didn’t tell ninety thousand directly, but put his mind outside and told Duan Changdao directly. "But this way is very afraid that Xie Tianyun will stare at one of the five of us and chase it. Should he be able to do that?"
Duan Changchang sighed and frowned. "That’s true. That’s why I said that the two of us have magical powers to deliberately expose the loose-packed articles during the first two deliveries."
"But according to our previous speculation, Ji Xuefeng hasn’t responded at this time. If someone is chasing us, it must be Jie Tianyun. Will they care about the two of us?"
At this time, Xiao Wen and Duan Chang couldn’t help but look at each other and then looked at Duan Yan, who was not far away.
"Then I’ll go halfway with Yan and then divide it." Duan Chang often said decisively.
Xiao Wen shook his head and sink a way: "If your strength is overtaken, it’s not their opponent. Let’s go with Yan, and I have another advantage with Yan. I once broke Xie Tianyun’s wrist. Except Yan, he wants to catch me most, which can attract their attention more, so that the three of you will be almost completely safe."
"But you …"
"Yan disguised as a man is very good. When the time comes, quietly parting with me should not have any problems for me. In fact, I still have an escape technique, that is, I can escape if I touch Xianhao."
"Xiao Dage, don’t lie to me" Duan Chang often hesitates.
Xiao asked his heart, "What am I lying to you for? Just put a hundred hearts into it. Stop nagging and that’s settled."
"So shall we start now?"
"well! Now that you have a move, the sooner the better. Your father can’t stand it. "
And the latter part often ran over and woke up his father. Five people got together again and said the new plan again.
No one wants to divide it, but in the current situation, it is indeed the most effective way, so it won everyone’s approval in a short time, and everyone immediately set off again.
Xiao asked and said that the avatar was flying forward with everyone, but it was a pity that no one knew this place well. They didn’t even know which direction the nearest city was in, and they were looking forward to meeting someone who could inquire about the news reliably.
Ordinary demon race, they are afraid to ask, for fear of being remembered by the other side, but their whereabouts have been revealed before. After all, they have not been sent yet, and they are all very dangerous before they arrive at the first city that has been sent to the front.
After flying for more than an hour, Xiao Wen finally took the lead in seeing a small town outside the city, but he didn’t send it to the city at all, but they found out the direction of the nearest city that had sent it to the city and immediately rushed there.
In the afternoon, they finally got closer and closer to the city named Jiye, but at the same time, Xiao Wen felt a sense of crisis more and more intense.
The reason is very simple. Once Xie Tianyun found that there was no one in the courtyard, he would know that they had escaped. Then he went to Longjing to send the array, and when he inquired about the root, there was no news of the five of them. Then he could immediately infer that they flew out of the city directly.
No matter what chase Xie Tianyun receives, it is definitely the key point to send troops to the city near Longjing, and Jiye Chengxian is one of them.
"What’s the matter with Brother Xiao?" See Xiao asked restless Duan Chang then asked
"I’m worried that someone will already be waiting for us in Jiye City." Xiao asked with a frown.
"…" Duan Changchang also silent to some uncertain.
Why don’t you just change cities instead of Hebei?
But what if there are no Jietianyun people in Jiye City? After all, all this is just their guess.
And how long does it take to fly to a city with a shuttle bus? What if this happens to be the time when Xie Tianyun needs to dispatch troops? Aren’t they equivalent to helping Xie Tianyun?
So into the city?
But what if it’s really like Xiao Wen’s guess? There are already people in the city who know Tianyun waiting for them. What’s the difference between them and sending them to the door?
Duan Chang often worries about Xiao Wen but is angry because they will get into this situation and be forced out by that damn Jietianyun!
This is the fate of the weak?
This is the rule of the world?
I really want to completely overturn it! ! !
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six Extremely Xuan
At this time, Xiao Wen had an impulse, that is, to simply ask for help from the world god alliance …
In Tianlan demon world, there are more than one demon race, and God Union is gradually gaining a foothold here, although it has been in a passive beating situation.
But Xiao Wen is too angry to think about it like this. It is impossible to really go to the world God Union because it is not a good thing in his heart.
Want to want to go, he and the local people are just caught in the demon race and the world god alliance to survive. He is lucky to leave here as soon as there is a way, but it is impossible to count the local people …
If only we could find another powerful ally, there is no way for him to take the demon race and the alliance root of the world gods alone.
It seems that Xun Yu, Maha Coconut Buddha and Nan Yunqing are the leaders of a certain power, but perhaps even they have never been to the demon world. How can they infiltrate their power here?
Depressed and angry, Xiao Wen finally looked up and said his decision to "let’s talk about advanced cities"
"Good" paragraphs often respond immediately.
Xiao Wen doesn’t know if anyone is waiting for them in Jiye City. He is actually playing in case someone is there, so he will directly use the flashing rainbow to escape with everyone.
But with so many people together to escape speed will be slowed down even he doesn’t know …
The more forward Xiao asked, the stronger the sense of crisis in his heart, and he couldn’t help but ask, "How many miles are there?"
"Three hundred and fifty-six miles," Duan Chang often replied.
Xiao asked and looked ahead, but at this time they were not flying high. How could they see the scenery more than 300 miles away? It’s really worrying to know that Jiye City is just ahead, but I can’t see it.
After flying for a while, Xiao asked and consciously turned to look at the road, and just saw a small white dot flying from the horizon to their side. How fast!
Because it is too far away, you can’t see what the little white spot is. Xiao asked as he continued to fly forward, but his head didn’t turn back, but he kept staring at the back.
Soon his behavior also attracted the attention of others. Duan Chang and others looked back and saw the little white spot.
Because of the rapid arrival, the little white spot has expanded a lot in their field of vision, and its outline should be suspected of being a monster beast
White se monster? !
On this day, there are many white Se monsters in the haze demon world, and newcomers don’t know which one is not necessarily bad for them. But at the moment, Xiao Wen’s sense of crisis is stronger. He finally hangs on his mind because they have missed a situation!
That is, they will be chased before they reach the first delivery line!
It’s not that the calculation is missing, but they all think this possibility is quite small, so they don’t focus on it. But now the white Se monster beast is coming straight to them, so it seems likely that this possibility is relatively small, but it has become the first crisis they will face.
Everyone is nervous, including Xiao Wen because the white Se monster beast is so fast!
Xiao asked suddenly felt that his left arm was tight, but when he looked down, he saw two tender little hands nervously grasping at his arm. It was Duan Yan.
Xiao asked by a burst of love naturally looked up to Duan Yan, only to see Duan Yanzheng nervously looking at the end of the distance and gradually becoming white. Se monster root didn’t realize that she had stretched out her hand and grabbed his arm.
"This …"
"Elder brother, this girl has regarded you as the most reliable person at this time." Ninety thousand tunnels are serious.