But she has no way out!

She wants Jun Chen to live well. He is a monarch. God depends on him to govern the people and live and work in peace and contentment.
Xin Yao clasped a piece of jade in her hand and rubbed it with the palm of her hand. It was a rare black jade!
Yes, it’s Xuan Ning Mo Yu!
That was the year when Jun Chen gave it to her privately.
At that time, he didn’t say that he wouldn’t even say that he was giving her a gift.
He proudly put something into her hand and casually said, "I will reward you!" "
There seems to be a little faint fluorescence in the ink jade, but it is enough to illuminate Xin Yao’s face and smile at the moment.
If you die, die. I laugh at the sky from the horizontal knife. I’m not as good as hell. Who goes to hell …
She took a step to make the whole person break through the sky like a swallow and fall.
At the moment when she jumped, the black dress person quickly came to the cliff.
Fog and mist
When the first man saw this scene, he smiled coldly at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were full of essence. Chapter 4 This look is not sharp.
The window of sequoia wood carving and flower carving reveals a blue smoke window. One person leans on the Persian gold silk carpet, his eyes are slightly closed and his face is full of laughter.
The atmosphere of the room next to the shopkeeper holding the books seems dull to others, but it is the most comfortable in this man’s eyes, but the fireworks are beautiful in March and the scenery in Yangzhou is even more beautiful.
But there are always a few people who make you feel bad when you enjoy it!
Looking at several offices in front of the nangongshan have pinched pinched the eyebrows that opened his eyes.
The bookkeepers were in a daze. He would rather he had never seen the young master’s eyes.
How can these eyes be perfectly shaped?
Black and white with clear outline and long cilia are like water waves in crow’s wings. The corners of eyes are slightly tilted into the hair temples, which is a pair of amorous feelings!
But when Nangong looked at him, his eyes reflected masculine eyes. He whispered, "Master, I’m not in a good mood today …"
Words haven’t finished a few offices have felt the cabin chill.
The Nangong recalls that the corners of her mouth are slightly picked with that charming smile, and the whole face is charming and moving, which makes people unable to move their eyes.
When the shopkeeper went to Rachel with a broken heart, Nangong Yi suddenly said, "The day doesn’t have to come."
The shopkeeper shan shan shut up and went out. One person was dressed in a quietly elegant silver-gray robe, simple and clean, but luxurious. The knife-shaped eyebrows looked at the Nangong with respect in his eyes. He was full of enthusiasm and said, "This small amount also makes the young master god a villain. Please forgive me."
The Nangong recalled shaking the sleeves, and a ray of sunshine came in along the window seam, reflecting the noble and luxurious light from the golden clouds on his cuffs.
If his housekeeper Sheng Han is luxurious, then Nangong Yi, a gentleman of Nangong family, will be more noble than him!
The Nangong Yi has been lying on the soft couch for a long time without moving, but he ordered people to make a crack in the window and frowned and said, "I have seen enough scenery on this shore."
Low voice, charming and lazy.
Sheng Han turned around and went out and ordered something outside. He went to check the ship’s materials again, and then ordered the cashier and the shopkeeper’s office to catch the boat and ordered the boat to set off from the dock and enter Yangzhou by water.
The Nangong Yi Ruan couch took a nap, and when I woke up, I saw the spring outside the window just in time, and at this time, the mountains, canyons and waterways were easy. Without steering, the ship would drift along the current.
He simply ordered people to stop and let Sheng Han take fishing gear and put it on the deck to let him go fishing!
This is a pure natural fishing ground, which is much more fun than artificial cultivation!
Sheng Han got the order to get everything ready soon, and ordered people to go to the cabin to get fishing gear. Nangong Yi moved out the soft couch and prepared tea, melon and sandalwood, waiting for Nangong Yi to stretch and come to the deck.
If Nangong Yi could have predicted what happened on the cliff above his head for a moment, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been killed in this right location, which just happened to be fishing on the deck.
So just when the fishing rod moved, he raised an eyebrow and went to check that a huge object was slammed in the front of the deck.
"boom ~"
"bang ~"
"fluttering, fluttering ~"
Huge object hit