Purple spirit gently nodded and then smiled and said, "Brother Han Chen will play well in the game later. Today, people are some Korean elites, so don’t take it lightly."

When I saw Ziling talking like a nag, Han Chen nodded again and again and said, "You girls really nag."
Hearing Han Chen’s words, Ziling pouted and said, "I don’t nag the average person."
Han Chen listen to my heart slightly zheng, a feeling of happiness instantly pervaded me.
Han Xiaotian, the judge, looked at the ten family brothers Lang in the venue with a smile and said, "Our judge will decide your opponents in the next competition, so that you are all satisfied. I will first read the names of your opponents when you are in the venue. If you have any comments, we can make appropriate changes."
Seeing the people and disagreeing with Han Xiao’s face, there was also a smile on his face, and then he read the order of the game
"Do you have any opinions?" Han Xiaotian’s eyes were swept after reading it. Ten people in the field saw that they had no opinion, and then they said slowly, "Well, then you can fight in this order." Han Xiaotian also announced the game with a wave of his hand.
Han Chen shook his head and then smiled. It seems that those high-level family members deliberately did not let Han Lin and Han Li meet before the final confrontation. Of course, they also knew that this time the top three candidates in the Korean family assessment would be selected from these four people and watched these children grow up. Han Xiaotian, for them, four people, Han Chenchen, were slightly weaker than the remaining three people. Although the former was promoted from practicing gas to double one in just one year, it was a bit too dreamy, but the fact is that they can attribute Han Chen’s special physique to textual research.
At noon, it was this assessment chat that quickly passed the accident. Han Chen and the four of them also successfully stood out from the ten people and successfully entered the top nine.
Because of the outstanding performance of Ziling yesterday, those people are normal now. However, when Han Xiaotian saw that Han Chen easily defeated a Han Jiadi in the middle period of practicing nine times, their hearts were also vaguely guessing what the real strength of this little guy was. If Han Chen crossed to practicing nine times a year, they could accept it, but if Han Chen had reached the realm of practicing nine times, they would never accept it.
It is normal for them to have such doubts. Generally speaking, it is a bottleneck to practice hard. Although it is only a step away, it is very difficult to cross over to Han Lin, the first person in the generation known as the Korean family. It took a full half year to promote from practicing hard to practicing hard.
Thought of here, even Han Xiaotian kept biting his lip in an attempt to wake up from his dream, but when his lips felt slightly painful, Han Xiaotian accepted this reality.
After tonight, we must ask this little boy to see what his adventure is, and he has made such rapid progress in a year.
If there is no external help, then Han Chen’s cultivation speed is Uber.
"Well, half an hour later, the semi-finals will be held," said Han Xiaotianlang, returning to the judges’ bench to prepare for the final five.
An hour rushed through the field, and the faces of the nine Han brothers also flashed a bit hot. This top five battle can be described as a small high tide in the family assessment. Whoever stands out from it is that the Han family has a floor.
"I announced a direct promotion list" Han Xiaotian cleared his throat and immediately swept the crowd and then said, "After a selection by the judges, the direct promotion person is … Han Ziling."
Listening to Han Xiao’s words, everyone’s face is written with the expression "of course"
"Brother Han Chen, I’m waiting for your good news." Zi Ling said that she waved slightly at Han Chen beside her, and she herself went to the judges’ bench.
Nodding and smiling Han Chen is watching the purple girl sit on the judges’ bench.
"Then I announced a list of your duel …"
After observing the expressions of more than one person slightly, the game was announced again when they saw that they had no different opinions.
Han Li smiled coldly in his heart and looked at Han Chen not far away. Although he has never played with him until now, he is not in a hurry. He has to save the good food for the last one. He must stay until the top five to highlight his great strength.
"You’d better not lose too fast. I’ll take care of you myself."
Han Chen didn’t know this idea about Han Li. If he knew it, he would definitely call him an idiot.
For his four finals, Han Chen was also a quick victory for this already familiar step. Although his opponent was quite difficult this time, he finally defeated his opponent with his converging martial arts.
There are four people left in this field, except Han Lin, Han Li and Han Chen. Another dark horse also stands out. Although his appearance looks very thin, his strength is really amazing. Han Chen believes that if he talks to himself, he will have to work hard to defeat him.
When Han Chen looked at the dark horses, the other party also smiled. Although the smile looked stiff, Han Chen got the message.
Han Chen knew that the boy was Han Fang’s brother Han Feng.
"Hey, brother Han Chen, congratulations on your entry into the top five." I don’t know when a girl is purple spirit.
Han Chen chuckled and stopped talking. Her eyes shifted from the purple spirit to the judges’ seats, quietly waiting for her father to speak.
Han Xiaotian, smiling, breathed a sigh of relief. Although this is the first time he has held this family assessment, he has never eaten pork or seen a pig farm. He also learned to look like a big elder and carefully read out the family ancestral teachings.
See Han Xiaotian that serious appearance Han Chen a slight warmth in my heart. My father finally made it through. The old family guy finally agreed with his father as the patriarch.
It seems that I feel Han Chen’s eyes. Han Xiaotian’s eyes are also fixed after reading Zuxun. Han Chen looks at the slightly thin figure, and his eyes are sour and crystal clear. This child has finally lived up to his expectations. It has also paid off over the years.
Nodding gently, Han Chen’s eyes flashed with a firm look and then clenched his fists. Although he was not interested in the Xuanjie Wushu Dan medicine, he must get the top three because of his father’s face.
The highlight of the top three has finally arrived. Han Chen has an unprecedented tension in his heart. Chapter 35 Retest [Seeking Collection]
To be honest, Han Chen was not interested in the next five-in-three competition, but his father finally decided to go all out.
"The elder took things to be held by you." Judge Han Xiaotian slowly got up and said to the elder beside him.
The elder looked at Han Xiaotian’s face and smiled with a rare kindness. Then he got up and took out a black token from his arms and handed it to Han Xiaotian and said, "You’d better come. After all, you are the head of the clan. It’s better for you to come in person."
Looking at the big elders like this, Han Xiaotian smiled and immediately took over the big elders’ black token to test their strength.
"This final game has finally arrived. You five representatives are the best blood of my Korean family’s generation. I will retest your strength first, and then arrange for you to fight after your strength ranking comes out." Han Xiaotian smiled and looked at Han Chen five people.
Listen Han Xiaotian, all eyes in the field are paused for five people in the field.
Han Li corners of the mouth raise a proud radian seems to enjoy this much-anticipated treatment.
"Idiot" Han Chen turned over their Han Li is looking at the side.
Han Chen’s voice is small, but it was clearly heard by Han Li. Then he pressed the voice very low and leaned over to Han Chen and said coldly, "Don’t fall into my hands later or you will be miserable."
"Don’t blow the cowhide too early, or you’ll hit yourself in the mouth," Han Chen said coldly.
"Well, you two will have a fight later. Now don’t talk nonsense." Han Linyin immediately glared at Han Li and said.