Yun Shang, Dou Saiqi and others were dead, but the Prime Minister Yun Taichao told them that Yun Zui was not dead.

So it’s not surprising that they saw Yunzui appear.
Yunzui else goes to the front, crosses the crowd and sits in Yunyao’s position.
Everyone was unhappy, but Yunzui was still indifferent.
Not happy with her? It’s best to be angry with her to be satisfied.
"Get up," said Yun Zui lightly. After a while, he picked up an orange and threw it in his hand, then took it firmly.
Yuntai couldn’t help frowning when he saw that Yunzui had no image, but he didn’t show his dissatisfaction. Instead, he asked humbly, "Can Taifei have a meal?"
Yunzui smell speech eyes rested on Yuntai’s face. Just Yuntai and Yunyao spoke. That "Yaoer" is so kind, but in the face of her, this "toffee" is actually a daughter. Yunzui is alienated and called toffee. This point is to dislike her daughter.
"eaten" cloud drunk not salty not pale answer.
When everyone gets up, they will sit back to Yunzui and immediately say, "Did I ask you to sit down?"
As soon as Yunzui’s face flashed a bit of hatred, he immediately said, "Yunyao, she is your emperor’s favorite concubine, Yunfei, and I can still call her a second sister privately. She is so close to recognizing my elder sister and you forget that you are the Prime Minister’s office for five thousand gold when you are a toffee?" You are also my fifth sister. It’s really disappointing for my sisters that you are so difficult everywhere! "
She means Yunzui. When she became a toffee, she forgot that they were sisters in the past. Yunshang words defined Yunzui as someone who forgot selfishness and ingratitude!
Cloud drunk smell speech just now also cool eyes immediately become cold mercilessly sweep to cloud type that already good slap print face.
Yunzui’s eyes become cold, so say she is angry!
This cloud type provoked her!
14 Chapter 14 Earth-shaking changes
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But the cloud family heard the cloud type, which suddenly made passionate words and could not help secretly clapping in their hearts!
After the Buddhist monk Yunzui learned that she and the ancient Yunzui are one, but now she has just returned a soul. The ancient Yunzui is her and she is the ancient Yunzui!
And after staying in this body for a while, Yunzui gradually has the memory of ancient Yunzui.
Whenever there is an ancient memory of Yunzui, Yunzui is angered by those pictures.
It can be said that Yunzui was not bullied in modern times, but Yunzui was bullied almost every day in ancient times.
This is simply a big contrast!
The cloud drunk almost all her bullying is made by the ancient cloud drunk!
The resentment in my heart is triggered, and my eyes are getting colder and colder without a trace of temperature.
Cloud petticoats just arrogance was immediately cloud drunk this cold eyes to horror.
In their memory, Yunzui is a person who rubs the circle and crushes the waste. Now Yunzui is too different from the former Yunzui!
They accept some laws, but they can’t help wondering why a person can change so much.
Is it true that people who have died once and come back to life will undergo earth-shaking changes? !
Or is it a fake to be drunk in front of them?
"YunYao YunFei but you dare to call her a younger sister, is this a violation of some taboos? And I’m a toffee woman, so I’m also a Yunfei, right? ! Or do you think personal feelings are more important than court discipline? ! How do you learn the rules? "
Cloud drunk sound is very sharp and coupled with the cold eyes can’t help but make Yun Shang shudder.
Now Yunzui has not only changed, but also changed completely and turned upside down!
Become a completely different person!
"Toffee calm down petticoats is a loss of heart" Dou Saiqi is not from some nasty.
Does Yunshang suffer less in front of Yunzui?
Quite a lot!
Now look at the sample cloud type situation and at a disadvantage.
Suodou Saiqi immediately pleaded before he was in a hurry.
Dou Saiqi’s eyes immediately shifted to this Dou Saiqi’s body when he didn’t talk.
Cloud drunk slowly after the chair up step by step goes to the dou sage.
Seeing Yunzui approaching, I don’t know what Dou Saiqi was a little flustered and she wanted to escape.
"Dou Saiqi, you are the mistress in charge. If my memory is not wrong, my mother was seriously ill and I knelt down to beg you. Please have pity on me and my mother to hire a doctor.
You refused with a heart of stone and told me to kneel outside for three days and three nights. If I was sincere enough, you promised to call a doctor. But when I asked you for help, you told me that my mother had died in the night. I was about to run to see my mother. But after kneeling on the stone for three days and three nights, my legs couldn’t run like waste. I fell to the ground and my forehead was bleeding. You were not only unsympathetic, but also insulted me by Yunjiayun, Yunshang, Yunyao and Yunmo while I was ill! "
Say cloud drunk eyes and mercilessly shot at Yuntai cloud drunk face is very cold, and she mercilessly gritted her teeth. "When I was in the general office, you took my mother’s memorial tablet to force me to go back to the Prime Minister’s office. You are old-fashioned enough to win, but you should think that I noticed that the memorial tablet is brand-new. If I didn’t guess wrong, you just sent someone to make it! In fact, in your heart, my mother is so humble and afraid of roots that she doesn’t deserve a memorial tablet! "
141 Chapter 141 showdown
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Cloud drunk say that finish feel chest that suffocating gas instantly feel much better.
Yuntai’s face is very ugly, and naturally Dou Saiqi’s face is not good either.
Especially YunYao looks the ugliest. YunZui just said that she is an emperor princess YunFei and can’t be compared with her toffee!
She is a direct descendant of Yunyao, and Yunzui is not just a concubine!
Born of a humble concubine!
YunYao, who has always been able to endure more than others, can’t help being angry at this time, but she still holds back her anger and won’t let herself out.
Cloud drunk eyes cold swept all immediately said "don’t make you hall killer I don’t know who sent"
Say cloud drunk don’t want to give them an opportunity to explain immediately left and walked out.
Yuntai’s eyes are turbid, but his essence is not degraded. He is really a little surprised by this showdown.
If ordinary people will be buried in their hearts, although they know it, they will not show it, but Yunzui is the most powerful way to kill each other.
When going out, Yunzui happened to meet Tiefan head on.
Iron is covering her ass in.
In your hall, you ordered the kite to throw him out, and those killers really threw him out without giving him a face-to-face photo.
Tiefan’s bad luck made him hurt his ass.
Originally in the prime minister’s office, they were all members of the cloud family, but I didn’t expect Yunzui to come back and hit it red-handed.
He couldn’t help staring at Yunzui with a terrible hatred.
Yunzui’s cold eyes with anger collided with him.