Heluga rushed to the arrow turtle. The flaming chicken made a second kick halfway, hit Heluga and kicked Heluga away. The arrow turtle successfully made an earthquake, which was not as powerful as Golem, but it was also very strong. After a while, Golem emerged and gasped. The earthquake had a good effect just now.

"Great? You two, but the fun is just beginning now. Golem makes it hard and rolls!" Xiaoye shouted
"The water turtle makes a high-speed rotating target, Heluga!" Gary Oak ordered.
"The flaming chicken is looking for an opportunity to make a tile cut for Golem!" Aaron shouted
"Heilu speeds up to avoid it!" Iverson shouted
Heluga successfully avoided the high-speed rotation of the arrow turtle. The arrow turtle crashed into the rock and got stuck. Golem didn’t chase the arrow turtle. When turning, the flaming chicken watched the deceleration opportunity and rushed to make the tile cut effect. Even the rolling stopped.
"Heluga throws a shadow ball at the water turtle!" Little moxa saw that the water turtle couldn’t move the decisive order.
"Golem punched the water turtle!" Lobular also ordered
"The water turtle quickly shrinks its shell to defend itself!" Gary Oak quickly shouted.
"The flaming chicken supports the arrow turtle to make a tile cut on the rock of the arrow turtle!" Aaron shouted
The flaming chicken jumped up quickly and made a tile on the rock. The rock wall was shattered. Several big stones blocked the attack route of Heluga and Golem, and successfully protected the arrow turtle. Golem saw that there was no way to attack, so he punched Qi He in the flaming chicken. Golem was very powerful, and the flaming chicken suffered great damage. Then several shadow balls flew to the flaming chicken, and the flaming chicken blocked the fire.
"Thank you, Aaron. Don’t let down the flaming chicken’s efforts to make the water cannon!" Gary Oak shouted.
"The flaming chicken made a tile cut for Golem!" Aaron shouted
At this time, there was movement in the place where the water turtle was "buried", and then the rock was shattered. The shattered rock was that the water cannon of the water turtle didn’t stop sweeping to Heluga. Golem hit the effect one after another and pulled out the group, followed by the fire chicken. A tile cutting effect pulled out the group and Golem didn’t have an idea
"Damn, I didn’t expect such a trainer here," Xiaoye said
"But we must never lose. This is the first time that we absolutely want to win," said Xiao Ai.
"eh? How can it be the first time for elite players? " Aaron has a keen hearing and said
"Don’t mind your own business, Golem. Make it hard and roll!" Leaflet command
"Heluga made a steel tail on the flaming chicken!" Iverson also ordered
"Beat them, the water turtle, and use the frozen light!" Gary Oak ordered.
"The flaming chicken cuts back!" Aaron also shouted
Golem rolled to the arrow turtle, and the arrow turtle succeeded in freezing the light to freeze the Golem effect, but Golem continued to roll and hit the arrow turtle. The ice increased the weight of Golem, and the rolling power was strengthened. The arrow turtle was knocked down and the black ruga rushed to the flaming chicken. The tail turned white, making the steel tail flaming chicken unable to escape. The steel tail hit the flaming chicken waist, and the flaming chicken showed a painful expression. Then it also made a tile cut back and hit the black ruga, causing damage.
Now the four Poké mon have been badly hurt. These four people are fighting fiercely. Don’t let the trainers stay up. Poké Ball has been taken away. Cassidy and Saburo are ready to retreat when they see it.
"The two young ladies have finished. Please retreat quickly," said Saburo.
"Shut up. In our opinion, it’s not finished until we defeat these two people," Xiaoye said.
"Let’s retreat quickly, or Sakaguchi will worry." Cassidy also said.
"If you want to go, you go first. We want to beat them," said Xiao Ai.
"There is really no way for everyone to join us!" Shouted Saburo
"Who dares!" Xiaoye said strongly that Saburo retreated to one side.
Aaron is very white. It turns out that these two girls, Xiaoye and Xiaoai, are the daughters of the Rockets boss Sakaki.
The battle continues. 4 Poké mon keeps fighting and hurting each other. Xiao Xia and Xiaojing are also fighting hard with a few other strong trainers.
Then came the sound of a police car. It turned out that the uncle went to call Officer Jenny, and the Rockets saw a lot of police. Madden helicopter retreated. Cassidy and Saburo advised Xiaoye and Xiaoai to retreat, but the two little girls didn’t listen anyway. Finally, Cassidy made Gengar use hypnosis to hypnotize Xiaoye and Xiaoai and then held them in the helicopter.
"Don’t try to escape!" Officer Jenny shouted and threw out two Poké Ball, flying mantis and sculpture.
"Flying mantis cut a word! Bidiao destroys the dead light! The targets are the two helicopters on the right respectively, "Officer Jenny ordered.
Flying mantis and Bidiao both chased each other quickly. As soon as the flying mantis cut off the helicopter propeller, Bidiao directly destroyed the death ray. The helicopter came to Aaron. I didn’t expect Officer Jenny to have such strength.
The two helicopters were Poké Ball helicopters, and Officer Jenny had a keen vision. He shot these two helicopters, regained almost all of Poké Ball and arrested four members of the Rocket Team.
"Thank you for delaying the Rockets. Can you come with me to the police station? We need to make some notes and reward you by the way." Officer Jenny said to Aaron and Gary Oak.
At this time, Aaron and Gary Oak were looking at the injuries of the flaming chicken and the water turtle. When Aaron heard Officer Jenny’s words, he thought that the flaming chicken was not badly injured, so he agreed to go to a Poké mon Center and Gary Oak agreed that the reason should be the same as Aaron’s.
In a police car, Aaron, they quickly returned to the town, first went to the Poké mon Center, and then went to the police station to make a record. Officer Jenny found a Lunatone and a flint among four rockets players, and just didn’t give them to Aaron and Gary Oak, so he gave them to Aaron and Gary Oak Aaron. He asked for the moon stone and Xiaomao took the flint.
After Aaron, they will get back the Poké mon Center. Aaron himself has another piece. He found Lunatone’s equipment in Moon Mountain and gave Lunatone to Xiaojing. Because Pippi and Nidorina need two pieces of Moonstone for evolution, Xiaojing took a rest and set off the next day.
Everyone forgot to get rid of the gophers.
In the helicopter, the two girls said at the same time, "We will meet again sooner or later."
Thirty-two VS ninja? ! Qian hong Dao Guan
After Aaron left the town, the goal of Pale Red Road Pavilion continued to move forward. Aaron was much more than Xiao Zhicong. He released a sculpture to look for Pale Red Road Pavilion. The speed of Mach 2 made the sculpture finished quickly. When Aaron and Aaron walked with the sculpture and had lunch by a small river …
"Here’s a hairball," Xiaojing said suddenly.
Aaron wants to look at Xiaojing. Sure enough, a hairy ball is staying in the tree and looking at Aaron. Aaron suspects that this is a silk girl, that is, the sister of Koga, the owner of the Pale Red Road Museum. After a careful look around, Aaron finds that a tree has a faint pink thing.
"Bidiao made a violent storm on the third tree on the right!" Aaron threw out of Poké Ball and sent a sculpture.
After the carving, the horse used his skills and a strong whirlwind hit the tree. When he saw a pink shadow jumping out of the tree, the horse jumped to another tree and the hair ball began to move with the shadow.
"BiDiao to shine on the fur ball!" Aaron shouted
After Aaron’s intensive training, the explosive power of the sculpture has also risen to a higher level. After receiving the order, he quickly rushed to the hairball. A flash of light hit the hairball and it was hit. The pink "shadow" stopped and looked back at the hairball.
Aaron, they rushed over to see the sculpture blocking the "shadow". Aaron used to see a ninja girl dressed in pink.
Is it really a twill girl? Aaron thought.
"Why do you want to observe us?" Aaron asked
The woman has already taken back the hairball. When Aaron asked this question, she replied, "What I do is my freedom and it’s just a coincidence."
"Are you? Open the main sister of the Pale Red Road Pavilion, Ayako, so hypocritical. "Aaron said.
The woman was surprised. Xiao Xia and Xiaojing were also surprised to hear Aaron say that the woman in front of them was the owner and sister of Pale Red Road Pavilion.
"What will you know about me?" Aya said.
"What’s so hard about finding information about you and your brother when you check the Shallow Red Road Pavilion on the Internet?" Aaron said.
Suddenly someone threw a smoke bomb at the ground (I don’t know what to call that thing, just let it be). Aaron’s vision was blocked. When the smoke dispersed, Aya had disappeared.
"Koga, the owner of the Pale Red Road Pavilion, is really amazing. My horse will visit you at the Pale Red Road Pavilion!" Aaron said
Xiao Xia and Xiaojing are at a loss. They have long believed in Aaron’s words.
The three men continued to follow Bidiao, crossed a small wooden bridge and came to an old house that looked quite verve.
"hello! I’m here to challenge the shallow red road pavilion! I think the owner has seen me. There is no need to hide. I know the owner is watching me somewhere. Please come out and fight with me for Poké mon! " Aaron shouted