The monitor and the representative of the Chinese class suddenly solemnly asked her to worry that the class cadres had caught Su Orange off guard. It was the other party’s kindness, but it was still a little difficult.

"I may not be suitable for …"
Sue orange refused words haven’t finished Su pomelo some worry "orange you agreed! I also think you are suitable to be a monitor and a Chinese class representative! "
She thinks that if Su Orange becomes the monitor and represents her in Chinese class, she won’t worry about being late. After that, I can sleep for ten more minutes every morning, and occasionally overslept should not be a big problem!
"I’m sorry, I’m really not suitable for being a monitor and representing that … what … can I go out?"
Oh? Oh? Oh?
Three confused eyes …
Sue orange awkwardly pointed to the outside "I want to wash my hands".
Wind tree and bamboo heart nai face "shua" red at the same time quickly gave way to the position "oh … ok … wait until you come back …"
Su pomelo excitedly took her sister’s arm. "I’ll go with you!"
Sue orange almost sprayed blood … She was most afraid of others going to the toilet with her, okay? But it’s better to leave the classroom now!
Just walked to the door of the classroom, a petite figure came running breathlessly. "Sister Orange, wait!"
"Oh … calling you?" Su pomelo has some doubts. The girl in front of her is wearing a pink school skirt. Isn’t this junior high school? Why did you come to high school?
Sue orange recognized the girl at a glance. She saved Naomi early. If she didn’t catch her a few seconds later, she was afraid that the rice would become a glutinous rice cake.
"Naomi, you wanted to see me?"
"Well …" Naomi nodded and sent a powder ball like a small fist to Su Orange. She spread her hand in her heart with two crumpled band-AIDS. "I just went to the doctor’s office and got two band-AIDS. If you treat it from time to time, it will be very slow."
Once the knee joint is injured due to frequent activities, it will be difficult to heal.
"No" Sue orange with the wave this minor injury? Didn’t he come back to life after being hit by a big truck?
"no! Be sure to post "Naomi’s face is flushed and looks like she’s going to cry."
Su Orange was most afraid of the girl crying in front of her, so she reached out and borrowed the band-aid. "Thank you, Naomi. I’ll post it later."
"hmm!" Naomi smiled two cute little tiger teeth. "Sister must stick it! I’ll go back first and class will begin in a few minutes. "
"Well, good!"
"Goodbye, Sister Orange!" Naomi waved her pink hand and turned to run back.
Su pomelo looked at Su Orange’s injured knee. "What is this situation? Did you save the little girl at the scene of the early car accident? "
She came to school early and probably heard someone talking about Master Blue in an aristocratic school. It seems that a senior girl saved a junior girl and had an argument with Master Blue. I didn’t really hear the details. I didn’t expect the guy who was in the limelight-it turned out to be Su Orange!
Chapter 9 Do you have a menstruation towel?
Look at the eyes and look indifferent. Su Orange Su pomelo wailed "Orange, are you crazy?" The car is the blue master of the blue family! If you offend him, you will be finished! "
Sue orange snorted in her heart. If there weren’t so many people present at that time, she wouldn’t be able to teach a lesson. Otherwise, the finished person should be Blue Nine!
"After that, I thought I’d have a chance to meet Master Blue again. Maybe he and I will collide with each other. You dead girl, you really hurt me this time!" Su pomelo chattered all the way with resentment on her face.
Sue orange is washing her hands. One of them comes to Sue pomelo. "Oh, my God, I’m having my period. It seems a few days ago this time … Orange, do you have a menstruation towel? Get me a slice … "
Sue orange has a black line, but I don’t know if I planned to come to my period early and give Su pomelo an excuse to ask for leave.
"The representative of the Chinese class seems to have a holiday these two days. Ask her to borrow one!"
"I refuse"
Ask Takeshinai to borrow a sanitary napkin or kill her!
And so on……
Is Takeshinai having her period these days? Su orange’s heart beat a few times faster when the representative of Chinese class appeared in front of him.
"What!" Su pomelo was anxious every other time. "Why don’t you go to the store and buy it for a while!"
Fortunately, the class here is twenty minutes. Of course Su Orange knows it.
"Go to the store? What joke? " You know, she usually goes to the supermarket to buy these things. If she goes to a small shop and says in front of the salesperson, she might as well kill her!
I was with my girlfriend Mu Xue before, and she didn’t feel embarrassed to go to the store to buy sanitary napkins alone! Even if you go to the supermarket, Mu Xue will go to the sanitary napkin area and choose to wait in other business districts. Compared with Mu Xue, who is gentle, kind and independent, Su pomelo simply can’t take care of herself!
"Of course I didn’t make a joke. I don’t understand why you never want to buy sanitary napkins for me. God, how can there be so many? It must be because I ate Chili sauce early … orange, go quickly!" Su pomelo is already crying.
If you eat Chili sauce before your period, you won’t die!
Think of the scene of getting up early in bed. Su Orange can’t help but sigh. How can she refuse now? She can’t from ruin!
If Takeshina asked her to help buy menstruation towels, she wouldn’t refuse!
Maybe Bamboo Heart Nai just didn’t have enough towels in menstruation today!