Nangong Han looked a little ugly, and sink a track: "Even if it wasn’t caused by blood bats, it was probably what happened to Brother Tang, so many poisonous mosquitoes?"

Evening son sighed lightly: "Don’t worry too much, since poisonous mosquitoes are killing each other, I think Brother Tang should be fine."
"I hope so." Nangong Cold is also helpless. Although both of them have recovered their spiritual strength now, there is nothing they can do about this poisonous mosquito but wait.
The killing of poisonous mosquitoes is fierce. Dead poisonous mosquitoes are constantly swallowed by the same kind, and bodies are constantly falling from the air. After observing for half a ring, the two found that the coverage of poisonous mosquitoes gradually contracted, and the speed was very slow, but after all, the number of poisonous mosquitoes was gradually decreasing.
Naturally, they didn’t know that this was a competition for a new mosquito king, so they followed the mosquito swarm slowly under the carefree retreat. When we arrived at the area covered by poisonous mosquitoes, Nangong looked at the mosquito corpses all over the place and looked moved.
"Later, why don’t we collect these bodies? Brother Tang needs poisonous mosquitoes to feed blood bats. Surely these bodies can also be used."
Smell speech, late son also look a bright. Although she asserted that Tang Qing wouldn’t think ill of them, and Tang Qing certainly wouldn’t change her mind and return to Zongmen because she had more mosquito corpses, it was always a good thing to have such a good chance. Besides, even if Tang Qing can’t get out, these mosquito corpses will have some uses when they are brought back.
The moment he nodded and said, "That’s all right. Anyway, Brother Tang doesn’t know when he will come out, so you and I will each go in one direction to collect mosquito corpses. By now, the monks should have gone to the exit, and the poisonous mosquitoes are killing each other. There should be no danger. "
The nangongshan cold promise, and told the late son a few words in case of one thousand, agreed to stay after the poisonous mosquitoes removed still meet with Tang Qing.
The two collected mosquito corpses separately, and Tang Qing was in trouble again.
The stone gate on the mountain wall is familiar. Tang Qing has just visited the treasure once in total. A few people in the family are all harvested that time. Naturally, I will soon remember where the abode of fairies and immortals is.
The size and style of the stone gate in front of me are exactly the same as the last one, so Tang Qing, who can’t help it, doesn’t suspect anything.
"Maybe free and unfettered is the saint? Maybe this is another carefree abode of fairies and immortals "
If so, Mr. Xiaoyao is called a saint, but it is really worthy of the name. It is really possible to travel across the continent. Except for such a great Mr. Xiaoyao, who can subdue a country on his own?
If that’s the case, it’s a real surprise for Tang Ye. If nothing else, no matter how powerful Mr. Xiaoyao is, he can’t fly on both sides. If there is no other abode of fairies and immortals in the mainland, there will probably be a transmission array built here.
In this way, once Tang Qing got the abode of fairies and immortals, wouldn’t it be possible to fly on both sides? What are you afraid of? It’s an absolutely safe strategic rear area.
The more I think about it, the more excited I am. I think about it. Anyway, I am alone this time, even if there is any magic array, I am not afraid. Tang Ye strode forward and tried to push the stone gate.
If you can’t, you can still kick your feet. It’s not the first time anyway.
Without kicking, Shimen answered and opened without any difficulty, as if welcoming Tang Ye. Tang Ye also got a fright, and quickly retreated a few steps to be alert.
A false alarm, nothing dangerous, a deep channel is now in front of us. The passage is not dark, even brighter than this cave.
The top is inlaid with Lunatone, and the soft light shines on the walls on both sides, full of metallic texture. Looking at the ground, there are some things scattered all over the floor, and they continue to move forward in bits and pieces. Looking carefully, they look like human bones.
After observing half a ring, I didn’t see why. Tang Qing did explore many dangerous places on the earth, but he experienced some traps and so on. But that’s the earth after all, and this is the land of immortals, and who knows what will happen.
Tang Qing didn’t think much of the friar, because it was aimed at his character, and he was quite awed by the means of strength. Those things on the ground that look like corpses have already suggested that Tang Ye is not good here.
Then you have to go in, too. It’s no use staying here. Not only do you have to get in, but you have to get in quickly. Tang Ye’s time is precious.
Throw a few stones in to find the way, except for a burst of echo, nothing comes out, and no one cares about him. I can only judge by the sound that the ground is hard, like metal.
Under full alert, Tang Qing tried to enter the channel with a knife in one hand, and the gods tried their best to spread out the exploration. It’s a pity that if it’s really a happy abode of fairies and immortals, then it’s obvious that he also used some kind of material to prevent the gods from viewing it, so they can’t explore it not far from the corner of the passage.
Reach out and touch the walls on both sides. They are hard, not mud films. The same is true of the ground under your feet, which is obviously different from the ground material in that cave. Naturally, Tang Qing attributed it to his hometown-or it was made by Mr. Xiaoyao.
"Still this virtue, generous, you are really awesome, and Tang Ye admires you."
Even Tang Qing didn’t realize it at all. In fact, he was a little delirious. The earth’s predecessors clearly said that this place is an ancient abode of fairies and immortals. How can one’s hometown or Mr. Xiaoyao spend so much effort to make any basic transformation? This is actually a kind of self-psychological suggestion of human beings. Tang Qing wants to go home, so he tries his best to think about it.
No matter whether this fellow villager is happy or not, it is impossible to replace the materials of the whole abode of fairies and immortals with such a handwriting; Or, on this planet, it can’t be personal.
Before walking to the first broken corpse, it seemed like a thigh or something. Tang Qing carefully rolled it up with mang tendons and observed it carefully, only to find that it was not a real person or a monster beast, but seemed to be a legendary puppet and so on. Whether dead or alive, the difference between inorganic matter and organic matter is still obvious.
This thing is not heavy in weight, and I didn’t find anything wrong after watching it for a long time. Tang Ye simply picked it up with his hand and tried it. It was very strong and hard to cut it off with a knife, but it was amazing enough, although it was not used with all its strength.
Tang Ye, who was greedy for money, came to the conclusion instantly, although he didn’t notice any trace of spiritual fluctuation on this "thing". But in his concept, no matter what it is, as long as it is strong, it will definitely be good.
Don’t hesitate, go all the way, pick up junk all the way, and put away all the big and small. This thing hasn’t broken for thousands of years, even if it’s dead, it’s the best material. How can Tang Ye let it go?
"My fellow villagers have a high level, so I guess I don’t like this stuff. Leave it to the so-called predestined friends. Now it’s perfect for Tang Ye to get it."
There has been no danger, and Tang Qing gradually calmed down, picking up and walking all the way, and whispering.
If Tang Qing can calm down and save himself at this time, he will find himself a little wordy. And if he has the luxury to take out a mirror and look at himself, he will find that his face is livid and there is a faint black gas circulating in his skin, just like a living creature.
The passage is very long and twists and turns, and there are more and more puppet materials and various weapons on the ground, with different shapes. Although Tang Qing has confirmed that there will be no danger, she is still very careful. Through observation and comparison, it can be roughly confirmed that there are at least five kinds of puppets with different shapes here, and the number is even more amazing, and there are more than a hundred.
Although I don’t know how powerful these puppets are if they are sound, with the strength of this material, Tang Qing knows that she is really exposed.
Puppets don’t have five senses, and there won’t be any mood swings. Unless you cut your head with a knife, you can still attack even if your hands and feet are broken. This is only if its control center is within the skull. Even if Tang Qing has no knowledge of puppet art, he always knows this common sense.
If you fight against such puppets, it’s easy to say that Tang Qing can break them up by brute force. After all, there is a junction. But once the number exceeds three, he can’t handle it at all. Besides, who can know how these things are attacked? At least from the weapons left over, the bow, knife, axe and sword are all available, and the combination of distance and distance makes Tang Ye unable to break in at all.
Go straight to the dizziness, the passage is finally at the end. Turning the last corner, dozens of steps appeared in front of you, with two purple and gold doors above them.