Mo Xi went to the door and then shouted in surprise, "Who are you? How dare you break into houses! !”

Liu Xixi came out with Mock in the evening and saw that the blood killed him, and his face seemed to be darker and thinner. In the sunset, he showed a white tooth. This killer rarely showed a warm smile. "
"Hey, don’t come here. What do you want?" Mock jumped up like a cat with its tail stepped on, and stopped Liu Sunseeker behind him with a pretty small chest.
Then Bloody Kill handed him a vicious look. "I won’t stop you if you want to die. By the way, I recently raised a method called Silver Wings. It seems that she is just hungry to eat you."
Mock immediately took Liu Sunseeker for nothing and even stepped back a few steps later, but he hasn’t forgotten that he is a man. If he had been alone, he would have fled by this time.
Liu Sunseeker patted Mock on the shoulder in a very touching way, and called Dark Wei Moxi to a face of anxiety. "You are not afraid that this is my friend’s blood killing him, but you are worried that I will come to see me and I will go out with him."
Mo Xi is worried that the tunnel "Girl, why don’t you talk in the house? I just called the dark guard, but no one responded. I’m afraid something will happen. You are too upset to go out."
Liu Sunseeker took a look at the blood in the evening. As a result, he casually lowered his head and didn’t know what he was thinking. So she smiled, "No, I don’t know where those dark guards went. It’s no use going out with this official. If he can’t protect me, no amount of dark guards can protect me."
I didn’t know the look on my face when I heard that Moxi Dark Guard was a little guilty, but when Liu Xiyu said that he was better than several Dark Guards, he couldn’t help but tick a compliment at the corner of his mouth. Maybe he thought it was fart, but only Liu Xiyu’s late praise made him inexplicably fascinated.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 51 He made it himself
The blood killer is probably too latent. He walks very quietly and has almost no sound. He is also very adapted to the state of not talking.
Both of them walked so far that Liu Xi’s legs hurt at night. He couldn’t help but stop. Later, he found that he probably walked too fast and too far. "I’m sorry, I didn’t notice that you didn’t walk this way for me."
Liu Xixi smiled bitterly at night. "I know what you mean, that is to say, I am too lost."
Blood killing disapproves of the tunnel "is it hard for girls to come here?"
Liu Sunseeker’s smell speech at night was very comfortable. I didn’t expect this killer to be taciturn on weekdays. It really touched people’s hearts. If she didn’t have Emperor Phoenix Night, how could she not like him?
However, when she squatted down and took off her shoes and massaged her feet without care, she still found a big problem. He didn’t know much about men’s and women’s defense.
"No, I’ll do it myself." Liu Xixi was so scared that she was in a hurry, but the blood had grabbed her foot and massaged it skillfully, and she quickly put on her shoes before Liu Xixi got angry.
Liu Xi night "…"
She should be glad that Emperor Feng didn’t see this scene at night, or she will make trouble with her again, and she will definitely be tossed by him.
Spit out her tongue. She still wants to make it clear that "blood kills me. I want to be with Difeng Night. From that night when he came to pick me up, I decided that I am sorry that I can’t go with you."
Then when she looked up, she saw the blood kill with an angry face, but she was dragging a butterfly hairpin in her hand. Look at the hairpin made of Wen Yu and decorated with priceless pearls. Liu Xi’s face showed a slightly surprised expression. "Where did you grab this butterfly hairpin?"
I feel that I really want to choke Liu Xixi’s face. He did it himself. At that time, Liu Xixi was trapped in the tent of the Second Emperor that night, and he rushed into the sea of fire to find someone to burn his chest and left arm. He is still wrapped in thick gauze. He had to wear loose robes to prevent Liu Xixi from seeing it.
And this hairpin was that he suddenly wanted to give her a surprise before he got here-in order to please her, he knew that Emperor Fengye personally saved Liu Xiyue and told Liu Xiyue that he didn’t get Mo Ruan pregnant, so he had to work harder to save Liu Xiyue’s heart.
He also consulted Anu. As a result, Anu’s blood killing was to coax her heart, so he asked Aly to carve a decoration for himself.
It took him two days to finish the work. He carved a butterfly hairpin for Liu Xixi with a special killing knife and personally decorated the hairpin with the East Pearl.
I didn’t expect this bad girl to come after he killed someone.
"Do you want me to throw it away?" He said unhappily.
Liu Sunseeker saw that he didn’t refute it at night. It was really that he snatched it from me happily and touched the nagging tunnel. "Oh, this jade or the East Pearl is big and round, and it can sell a lot of silver. But this knife worker looks like an apprentice. Forget it. Even if the carver is better, he should be able to sell it at a good price. Don’t worry, when I sell the money, I will give it to you."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 519 extrapolate three wench
It’s a shame for him to kill him with blood. It’s the first time he gave something to a girl, or did he rob her and dislike the saying that the knife worker sent him? I personally carved it for you. I hope you like choking in your throat, but you can’t spit it out or swallow it.
Willow sunseeker said half a day later and found that he didn’t respond. I swept him warily. As soon as I saw him, he looked unhappy and dissatisfied. "Is the distribution inappropriate?" Then I can’t add it again if I want to sell it. Besides, we are so familiar. "
In fact, she talks a lot today, and she knows it. In fact, she is just nervous. It will be even more embarrassing for her to confess to her again. I think she is very nervous. When she is nervous, she will turn into a gossip.
In the end, he said that he was dizzy. He said impatiently, "I want 30%, but I want you to sell this hairpin at a price of two thousand gold."
Liu Xi vomited his tongue in horror at night. "Why don’t you grab it so expensive?"
Blood kills disdain tunnel "I am a killer who knows those people in those strata better than you, no matter how much your things are worth, the more expensive they are, the more prominent their identity is."
Liu Xixi clapped her hands with a roll of her eyes at night. "Ah, I thought of it. I can say that this was given to her by Khan when Wang Zhaojun was making rouge in Xiongnu. This is their pledge, so we should sell it for a sky-high price, that is, 99,200 gold! !”
Blood kills "…"
In fact, he didn’t want to make something carefully by himself and give it to others. Those who thought it was too expensive would definitely not be bought. I didn’t expect it to be extrapolated by Liu Xixi, and when it comes to the back, he was right. Oh, she is right. What should I do?
Looking at Liu Xixi’s eyes watery and clever at him because he was going to swindle others’ money at night, and his pink cheeks bulging with excitement
I don’t know how to think of the charming appearance of Liu Xi’s dancing on the night of the same day, but the deliberately ugly face in front of me matches today’s beautiful appearance-
The ancient capital, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva vigorously, and never dared to set his eyes on Liu Sunseeker’s face and turned to look at others’ faces. The killer was slightly hot and murderous, and his hand was a little unstable at the moment.
He squeezed his hand and thought that Liu Xixi had just turned himself down, but he would never give up. She had met a man in Difeng Night, and she didn’t know enough about herself. How could he be content?
"I won’t importune you, but you have to give me a chance for ten days. I want to walk around with you for ten days and see Dayong’s life towards the real people. If I make you change your mind for ten days, I will never pester you again, otherwise I will directly take you away from you and know that people around you can’t compete with me now." Blood kills light tunnel eyes but stares at Liu Xixi’s expression.
Liu Xixi can endure the tunnel "If you insist, she will also see if she can live a good life if she leaves the Phoenix Night one day."
Besides, the bloody murder was saved by her, and Liu Xixi was selfish about her own things. She hoped that the bloody murder would wake up, but she didn’t want to destroy the teacher and friend of two people.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 52 Secretly pursuing
There should be no problem if Difeng Night doesn’t see it. Anyway, she has a guilty conscience.
So Liu Sunseeker nodded very readily at night. Anyway, she trusted to kill people with blood. He wouldn’t be more disciplined if she didn’t nod.
"Well, let’s start today." Blood Kill smiled happily. Although it was very light, his teeth were very white, which would make people feel good.
Willow sunseeker night hesitated "today? Starting today, right? But where can we go after playing like this? "
Don’t you see the wrong person, in fact, blood killing is actually an animal?
Liu Xixi was embarrassed by his own guess last night.