Once picked up the shelf, Tang Qing died and returned to the days of the dragon, and naturally entered the role.

No one refuses to accept it. On the one hand, everyone is at a loss. In addition, everyone who saw Tang Qing’s eyes was shocked by the violence without any cover.
People who are used to being commanders naturally have a convincing power. These monsters in front of them, Tang Ye casually took out an experienced battle to compare, what is it? What the hell?
What’s more, the one-armed warrior’s eyes clearly tell everyone. If you don’t listen, don’t wait for the monster beast to tear them apart. Tang Ye will throw him into the sea himself.
Gone with the heavy code, disorderly army … Naturally. What’s more, no matter what these sailors are in front of them, they are simply not allowed to join the army. Who dares to defy?
Soon, Zhiyuan changed its strategy and the hull turned to a small angle. Sailors and crew members have also been organized into three layers of defense. The front row relies on the ship’s side to lift the shield. Once exhausted, the back row will be replaced. The people behind are at ease to clean up the electric stinger on the ship.
Tang ye has a request, all the living, stay. As for those bodies and minced meat, clean them all up. At the same time, Zhiyuan sped up and got out of this area which was bound to attract other sea animals as early as possible.
Mr. Tang, who is careful with his budget, has begun to plot against him. Meow meow advanced difficult, the key is that it can’t talk, can’t communicate. It is more likely that even it doesn’t know what to do, and it can only act on instinct.
But the monster beast is the monster beast, and everything can be started from eating it. Since it likes to absorb the electricity from this electric sting, it probably has a door.
"Is bioelectricity different from other lightning?" Tang Qing commanded, while the in the mind is also very confused. Anyway, no matter what, Tang Ye is going to settle these electric stings, and no one can think of it.
Fairy Biyun and Chang Gongyuan, who stood side by side before, became a combination before and after, and were directly responsible for the frontal sniper. Tang Ye himself is responsible for finding and filling gaps, and wherever the situation is critical, there is his figure.
The length of the mang tendon, in coordination with the shadow step, especially his tender skin and thin flesh, but it happened that he was extremely strong, even if he got it twice, it had nothing to do with the overall situation. Taken together, Tang Ye can appear in any necessary occasion in time, which can really be said to be a red heart with various preparations, and he can go wherever his career needs him.
A series of simple adjustments, but the effect is unexpectedly good.
Zhiyuan’s bow is sharp, and after a little inclination, the angle of the fish will not change, and it will still be empty according to the original trajectory.
As a result, it seems that the defense area has increased. But in fact, a large number of electric stingers that could have hit the hull flew empty for more than 20 meters, even if they could still land on the ship, the speed has been greatly reduced and the threat is almost negligible.
With the reduction of frontal defense area, Chang Gongyuan and Biyun Fairy can completely meet the enemy alternately. Both of them feel greatly relaxed, but it also brings an inconvenience. Chang Gongyuan’s law area is really small, and the distance between them is somewhat ambiguous.
With spare capacity, the two can even be distracted and intercept the next batch of electric stingers that attack the ordinary crew from the side. As a result, the pressure on sailors is reduced, and the cleaning work is getting faster and faster.
The visible effect began to show. Since the strategy was changed, there have been no casualties. Even the number of electric stingers on the ship is not increasing, but has a decreasing trend.
Heart gasp in admiration, often GongYuan two people look at Tang Qing eyes, also more amazing.
"What are you looking at? Have you ever seen such a handsome boss?"
Tang Qing, while holding the orchid finger, displayed all kinds of incredibly low-level magical powers, while also pretending to be chic and dumped her head. That’s the virtue of this guy. When he is proud, he is rampant. That’s him.
Whenever a sailor filled the electric stinger with various wooden boxes, even leather armor and other loading tools, Tang Ye waved it away rudely and didn’t mean to ask others for advice.
"This is a trophy, it’s mine."
Sharp eyes convey this message to everyone’s heart clearly and correctly. Tang Ye, who always takes advantage and can’t suffer, will never tolerate the behavior of someone grabbing food with his son.
Once someone wants to violate it, the consequences will definitely be extremely serious.
Meow meow seems to be a little full, contented scurrying around, helping the sailors clean up the battlefield. Little thing knows his father’s character, this thing is for himself, and his enthusiasm is extremely high.
Meow meow speed, comparable to lightning; That spirit has made the most diligent model workers ashamed of themselves.
It is not afraid of lightning, and it is far more agile than sailors. It is often where the figure goes. The electric stings are like jumping again and automatically drilling into various objects with holes.
I don’t know how its aim is so good, even if it is facing away, it hits the bull’s-eye again and again, and it is absolutely accurate.
In the end, a few sailors were so interesting that they forgot that they were in the battlefield. They simply opened their mouths and shouted "Come on" … "Good job" … "Another one" … "This way"
While watching meow meow performance, it’s not a battlefield, it’s just a carnival of harvest festival.
"Ha ha a little beast, that’s not good, too vain."
Some equally vain dad stood by, shaking his head, as if lamenting that his family education was not strict enough, his children were too spoiled and so on. But meow meow an irreverent supercilious look, cried the drew a burst of laughter.
Chang Gongyuan some stupidly, staring eyes don’t know what to say. He couldn’t even believe it, and he couldn’t believe it was a real reality.
It’s the same people in the same place at the same time facing the same situation. How can it be so big just by changing the mode and difference?
What surprised him even more was yet to come. After some disbelief and having to believe, Chang Gongyuan naturally re-observed his Tang Qinglai carefully, and unconsciously, he used the power of his mind.
As a result, I almost forgot to preside over the law. Chang Gongyuan jumped three feet high and looked as if he had seen a ghost. Pointing at Tang Qing, his hands shook like crazy with chicken feet, his eyes stared to the limit, and his throat was so noisy that he couldn’t say a complete sentence.
Tang Qing was also startled by his appearance. Why is this, is Tang Ye more handsome? So surprised.
Don … Boss, did you build a foundation? "In the end, Chang Gongyuan finally suppressed the words that made him almost step into reincarnation.
Ah, don’t say, don’t you notice? "
While pretending, Tang Qing sneered and asked, "Is it a big deal? What’s so strange about Tang Ye’s preconditions? Do you think I am you? "
Even if "I X" is honest as usual, I can’t help but be angry and want to cry at the same time.
What’s the matter? People get promoted to the next level in ten days, so forget it. Let’s fight, fight and fight, and build a foundation.
Is there any justice? Is there any law? Is there a king’s law?
Think back to the beginning, when I was laying the foundation … Forget it or not, tears, gushing.
He did burst into tears, which would have happened to anyone without knowing the details.
Fairy Biyun suddenly smiled with a charming voice: "Tang Daoyou, why do you deliberately do this?" Maybe … it is more appropriate for us to praise our friends as predecessors? "
Er, when Chang Gongyuan heard it, his heart moved and countless associations floated in an instant.
Hidden breath? Cover your tracks? Dress up as a pig and eat tiger? Forget it. I’m like this. Nobody likes it. Besides, who can be called a tiger here?
Tang Qingle, my girl’s mind is quite heavy, and she seems to be very clever. However, Tang Ye doesn’t like it.
Tang Ye likes pure and lovely girls, such as Feng Xinger and Qian Yu. It doesn’t matter to wear a mask, it doesn’t matter to be cold, but it’s the same.
For example, Ruotong at home, Tang Ye feels good. Anyway, as long as it is the person in his hand, it is naturally good and definitely better than other children.
It’s not that he has any discriminatory ideas. This is purely a personal preference and has nothing to do with others.
It’s not a good thing for a woman to be smart. What’s more, this woman’s attitude changes quickly, and the practice is so overbearing, which really makes him feel a little cold.
There’s no reason, just upset.
Female xiu is able to shrug off, anyway, in her heart, has been identified, Tang Qing must be deliberately hiding. It’s only in the middle of a battle that you can’t control it before you expose it.
The question now is, what is the cultivation of Tang Qing? Tsukiji is absolutely impossible. So, what is it? Jiedan? Yuan Ying?
Thought of here, the woman’s heart was hot. Smiled softly: "Since Taoist friends don’t want to reveal their identity, we naturally can’t …"