As soon as I saw so many reporters coming, Zhou Haixin ran to the airport management office and asked them to open a special channel so that Li Ning could leave quietly. However, it may be because the news of the British incident has not yet arrived in China and Zhou Haixin is not convenient to tell others that Li Ning’s true identity is polite. The head of the management office was not too cold to say, "Everyone has come to ask for the opening of a special channel. Should we work or not? First of all, if something goes wrong, we should look for the competent department at the next level." Then he picked up the newspaper in his hand and began to pick it up in his day.

Li Ning Shang Li and other luggage ran into his hands and vomited too much in his mouth when he was free. He felt sour. He took the water by hand and sent it directly to his mouth. He let the water churn in his mouth and spit it out several times until he felt that there was no smell in his mouth. Then he spilled water on his face, hoping that it would cheer him up.
The long flight made him extremely tired, and he had never been airsick, which made Li Ning want to find a bed and have a good rest now-he didn’t have a paper towel to wipe off the water stains on his face because he thought that the cold wind blowing on his face with water stains would make him more sober.
As soon as he walked out of the passage, the flash lights up, which constantly stimulated Li Ning’s eyes. He consciously put his hand in front of his eyes and then observed everything around him with his eyes empty. At the exit of the airport passage, reporters with cameras were everywhere, and even a number of cameras were sandwiched between them. Several of them often saw news program hosts ready to go. They all assumed the most professional posture and waited at the exit railing to prepare for the first interview.
Li Ning Shang looked at both sides of himself and found that there was no one around him. All the passengers prepared together consciously avoided themselves and looked at themselves in the distance. Then Li Ning Shang suddenly came to interview himself during the day.
Although Li Ning’s former businessmen were often interviewed by reporters, they were usually interviewed by local sports stations, and they were all scheduled in advance, and the place was one-to-one. It was really uncomfortable to suddenly attack Li Ning’s businessmen on such a scale as today. He stopped and looked for Zhou Haixin in the distance. After a while, Li Ningshang finally found Zhou Haixin’s shadow in the distant crowd. She was trying to push through the crowd to the exit, and from time to time she raised her feet and raised her arms to wave to herself.
Looking at Zhou Haixin’s efforts to squeeze himself in spite of the danger of his suit being broken, Li Ning Shang couldn’t help laughing. He wiped his face with his sleeves and adjusted his mood and walked to the crowd.
An administrator of the airport management office suddenly broke in. "Section chief, please send more people to the international flight exit, where people are crowded. If we don’t control it, something will happen."
The section chief lost his newspaper and asked, "What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Make it clear."
"A lot of reporters have come, except for the surrounding cities. Even CCTV has sent reporters to come over.
The section chief got up, picked up the chair back system and eagerly asked, "What’s the matter? I didn’t send a notice. What’s the activity today?"
"I heard that Li Ning Shang came back, and all the reporters came to interview him," said the administrator.
"Li Ning business? Was he the one who secretly asked us to open a special passage just now? " The section chief turned to the clerk who had been staying in the office with himself and asked.
"What?" The section chief’s ear rang with the director’s growl, "Have you spent too long in your leisure time? People came over to let you open a special passage, and you refused. Do you know who Li Ning Shang is?"
"Isn’t it that the chairman of the Shitang Group has a club? This level can’t let us open a special channel." The section chief muttered in his mouth.
"Bullshit. Do you know that the governor and mayor just called and asked us to do a good job of Li Ning Shang ‘an’s workers’ home, but now it’s the richest man in China, the top five super-rich people in Forbes list. If something was wrong with you, can you and I bear the responsibility? Your horse will send all the staff to me to maintain the order. It’s early. You write a report and give it to me. I’ll go there first. You hurry up. It really annoys me. I have no ability at all. "With anger, the director rushed to the international flight exit angrily
Li Ning waited until Zhou Haixin and the driver moved to the exit before going out.
"Mr. Li, I’m a reporter from CCV. We’d like to invite you to do an exclusive interview. When will you have it?" CCV is different. They can always occupy the most favorable position in China.
Li Ning Shang smiled and said, "Thank you for inviting me. Please make a secret appointment with me." Li Ning Shang pointed to Zhou Haixin, who was finishing clothes next to him.
"Mr. Li, I’m a reporter from Nanjing News Channel. All the viewers are very interested in your experience in London. Can you talk to us?"
"The experience in London is very thrilling for me. I can’t tell you in a few words. I want to find a chance and we’ll talk again."
"Mr. Li, I’m a reporter from Haishi TV. According to the latest statistics, your personal assets have surpassed Mr. Li Ka-shing to become the richest man among Chinese, and if you rank in the top five according to the Forbes list released at the beginning of the year, what do you think now? Will you come to Chinese mainland Economic Center to develop? "
This is the first time for me to hear these data about my personal assets. My accountant hasn’t given me a report on the sea problem yet. I haven’t had time to think about it yet. After all, I have to deal with my existing business first when I go abroad for so long.
"Mr. Li!"
"Mr. Li!"
There are reporters flocking around to ask the driver if there is anyone who can protect the back of Li Ning’s business from being collided. Li Ning’s business is beginning to feel depressed and a little breathless.
Fortunately, the airport security guards rushed over to separate the crowd gradually. The director of the management office came over with a smile and grabbed Li Ning’s hand, shaking it constantly. "Welcome Mr. Li back to Nanjing. Some people are not firm in their work. * I have already criticized them. The car has been arranged. We will protect Mr. Li all the way and send him back."
"Don’t bother, I just have a car to take me to the door."
"Well, it’s still easy to do this." After touching the nail, the director still maintained a kind of affability, directing the security guard to open up a channel and leading Li Ning’s business to the door
After walking to the door, Li Ningshang confessed to Zhou Haixin and got into the car.
Zhou Haixin said to all the reporters, "I’m sorry, everyone is tired now because of the long-distance flight. If you have any questions, we will hold a press conference the day after tomorrow. We will inform you of the specific time and place. Thank you." He also got into the car.
Two little girls in the distance said regretfully, "Well, I’m lucky. What star came to Nanjing? It turned out to be nothing."
Chapter 22 Left hand and right hand
Back to Nanjing No.1 Li Ningshang did not rush back to the headquarters of the regiment, but drove directly to the club. In his mind, football is now his first problem to be solved. Since he chatted with Cheng Yuyang that night, Li Ningshang has been haunted by a question, which model is more suitable for the current development of football in China.
The success of European football lies in the integration of football elites from all continents, playing in several major football leagues, teaching each other their own experience, learning from each other’s skills, supervising each other’s banks and urging each other’s progress, forming a healthy growth environment.
The success of Brazil and Argentina lies in the fact that life football has become an indispensable life item like eating and sleeping. There is a game every day and football fun can be enjoyed every day. If football talents are constantly emerging in these two countries, it is better to say that life has given birth to football.
Japan’s success in Asia lies in the long-term planning of the mechanism, patient waiting, never eager for quick success, silent training and careful training. After ten years, a group of talents will be created, and this group of talents will drive a group of players to grow. There are many factors that promote it, but it must be admitted that the money is spent on the cutting edge.
South Korea’s success lies in persisting in its will as always. From the first time Li Ning saw Koreans playing football to now, he has always been able to see an indomitable spirit. If China leads Japan by two goals, you can relax a little. Then your heart will still be hung up until the last minute. South Korea will not give up.
So what’s in China? More than one year’s league has created match-fixing, black whistle and gambling. More than one year’s league has created a phenomenon that "the game makes the fans go away". Of course, more than ten years’ league has also created the first club in Asia, but it is a club that has not even won the Asian championship. For more than ten years, the eyes of the world’s football workers have turned to it, not because of football, but because of money sorrow, chaos and humiliation for more than ten years.
In recent years, Li Ning’s business in football has become more and more sad. Referees should accept red envelopes to prevent players from gambling. Players of the national team can’t offend and don’t touch the money in the pockets of the Football Association. Everything has caused him a headache. Some directors of the regimental headquarters also advised him to quit. "Football should be supported for two years, and it should be supported. Why are you still staying in this muddy water when you are famous?" Sooner or later, it will drag down the enterprise. "
However, every time Li Ning sees that he constantly insists on supporting the club fans on the spot, he will put this idea behind him. If he wants to realize his ideal, even if he can’t realize it in his life, he must lay a good foundation for his grandchildren and create a good environment in the future.
People in the circle say that Li Ning’s business is always annoying when he doesn’t know how to go with the flow. It’s just like this time when the team was demoted and the enterprise was investigated, but no one came out to help him. One by one, he walked over and waited for him to make a fool of himself, or he wouldn’t have taken such a big risk to go to Britain to get that ticket.
In fact, it’s not that Li Ning doesn’t understand that a successful businessman pulls and gives kickbacks. These are the most basic common sense. The football circle will choose another attitude towards life. It’s because Li Ning believes that these are all bad habits. He is a fan and a real fan. In the face of the bad habits that ruined China, he must never bend his strength to speak.
Do you want to stay in the league and change the country’s environment, or do you want to go out and create a new sky? Li Ning has been hesitant. A good environment to play football is definitely the fastest way to success. However, Li Ning is afraid to realize all these dreams by his own ability. It is really insufficient to go out and learn from the successful experience of others to train his own players to promote the development of football in China. However, for a club that has been busy revitalizing football clubs in other countries all day, fans will definitely not accept that fans are the backbone of the club. It is impossible for a club to succeed and operate without the recognition of fans.
A knock at the door interrupted Li Ning’s thinking, and Zhou Haixin came in.
"The chairman is all here."
"Tell them to wait for me."
When Li Ning entered the meeting room, everyone stood waiting for his arrival. Everyone clapped their hands hard for fear that they would not be able to show their loyalty and love for the chairman.
Gao Qiya came directly to Li Ning’s business and was a bear hug. "What should we call you after you are so young and you can do things? Superman already has one in Hong Kong. Let’s just call you an alien, won’t we?"
Everyone laughed and echoed, "to Li, the alien Ronaldo is an alien in the football field, and our chairman is an alien in the shopping mall."
Li Ning Shang smiled and went to the chairman’s seat and raised his hand to signal everyone to sit down. "This trip to London was very dangerous, but everyone saw the gains. Now I don’t think most people dare to challenge at will."
Li Ningshang paused and scanned the table. Everyone immediately put away their faces and smiled. Li Ningshang looked straight at him and waited for him to speak.
"Last season, we were badly played, and the team was demoted, not to mention that they still wanted to whole our group, but compared with these, what I couldn’t bear most was the problem of our department. Because of the hurry, Gao and Vice Dong changed the general manager of the club department to ordinary players, and many players betrayed their personality regardless of morality, and the fans who raised them played fake matches."