Bailixuan is a face of panic, and the figure in the plate of clean water in her hand is gradually clear.

She saw clearly that it was a woman with a delicate face, but her dress was very strange.
The woman looked straight at her with hatred in her eyes.
Is this a bad spirit?
Is it true that the high priest failed in Izayoi one day?
Fang looked up to his mouth, but he saw a thunderbolt coming straight towards the high priest.
So instantly the bones of the high priest and everyone was in a coma. In the past, the body was strangely red.
A hundred miles away, the whole person was shocked. The clean water in his hand fell and his feet were wet.
However, the water spread bit by bit from the feet, and Bailixuan suddenly opened her eyes and wiped it hastily, but she couldn’t wipe it quickly. The water still spread bit by bit to her neck.
This flexible and clean water should be scattered aside, and that skin is the temporary residence of the soul!
Suddenly, the clear and clean eyes of thyme Xuan swept over her lips and slowly evoked a sneer.
The wet fingertips carefully touched the side case and ignited the flame. The flame actually escaped the hand without any damage.
Thyme Chueh-hui burst out laughing and went to find the back door, but the Qing Temple was already in flames …
Suddenly a hundred miles away, the whole person bounced up and saw the surrounding scenes, only then was she faintly relieved and dreamed of the scene at that time, and that was her own appearance in the clean water.
At that time, that’s how she crossed over and took up a hundred miles.
"What’s the matter? Have nightmares again?" Cold feather came over and got the edge of the bed. Long hands gently patted her heart.
"It’s not a nightmare," said Prissy, snuggling into his arms and hesitating to tell him the truth.
The truth is still stubbornly stuck in her body.
Maybe it’s not crossing but sojourning.
After all, she does not know that the lonely moon calls for a future creature, and the future of this dynasty should be different from that of her time.
How could she be summoned? Besides, she doesn’t belong to the future!
If this is a coincidence, she is absolutely confident to destroy the hundred miles.
However, if she is really summoned by the lonely moon, then she is a stranger. How long can she stay?
Recently, I always feel tired and sleepy. Is it time?
Where should she go when the time comes! ?
Full of anxiety, hug the cold feather tightly, but still hesitate or struggle. Do you want to tell him?
"Feather …" Finally the mouth.
"Well" cold feather light should be a little tired to the brow hermit. Last night, I chatted with the real thyme Xuan all night, and even she didn’t know what was going on.
Who the hell is the saint?
Shanrou can take over her.
"I …" Still hesitated for a long time before I said, "Feather, I’ve been keeping one thing from you … In fact, the real thyme is still here … I’m … I’m so tired …"
Truthfully said it, his arms couldn’t help holding him tighter.
I’ve always needed someone who can say anything, someone who doesn’t need her mind to be defensive.
She doesn’t know whether it is right or wrong to choose this man, but she just can’t help but want to open her heart to him.
You really like it, don’t you
Seeing that Han Yu didn’t reflect that Bailixuan suddenly frowned and hastily raised his head and said, "You don’t believe me?"
"Letter" Cold Feather nodded heavily, but actually took her little face and gently printed a kiss. "I will always accompany you to protect you when I am tired."
Say and hold her in your arms is very gentle.
Go to sleep when you’re tired. He’d rather see the real bailijue.
So kind and simple, no matter what his status is, he will leave everything to protect her first.
Bailixuan still has to listen to this, but she is satisfied. When the canonization is over, she will definitely find a way to ask for it. It will be enough if she can’t really come out.
At this time, it was the maid who knocked at the door and urged it. It was almost noon, and the ceremony was coming, right?
"Get up and see you in the hall for a while." Cold feather gently put her figure into the shadow.
"Come in." Thyme Xuan got up lazily and sat down carefully in front of the mirror with a happy smile on her lips.
Little by little, I moved my eyes into the mirror to see that I didn’t look at it. I just straightened up and boldly looked at that beautiful face in the mirror …
Outside the house, the sun shines brightly.
Going straight into the sky, the lonely shadow of the ice and snow temple sat on the roof with a leisurely face and looked down at the people coming from the mountains.
Another conferring ceremony.
Side hall of square hall
Baili Yunxi is drinking tea, and Wu Jinghou is behind him, folding his eyes without words and cold feathers are already in the hall.
"The auspicious day of Bukit is set in such a hurry?" When asked by thyme Yunxi, I just realized that Siwu had set a good day for migration after conferring the hall.
"The sooner the mountain grows, the more lonely the shadow will finally come back," Siwu said lightly.
Baili Yunxi was frightened and asked, "Don’t you have a way to deal with him?"
When I was young, I got along with Duguying. This man is overbearing and strong. He has naturally seen it many times. At the beginning, if it were not for the elders and Duguyue in the family, he would be even more arrogant.