"The master grandmaster, master and disciple just got the news, and it is the people of the Hundred Beasts Garden who asked for a one-on-one fight with Master Qinglin. Master Qinglin has agreed to the request put forward by the Sacrifice Institute, and now they have gone to the Yum! Fighting Field." Yunxia respectfully reported.

"Continue to observe secretly. If the people who worship the hospital don’t know how to advance and retreat, and those who dare to hurt us, you will shoot again." Dao Futong looked awestruck. "Go down."
Yunxia bowed down and left the duty room of Dao Futong.
"Uncle Zhang, the Beasts Garden has reached into our inherent sphere of influence this time. Should we pay them back?" Dao Futong asked.
Sitting in the first WenZhenChen with the wave, "fu tong, your reaction need not be so radical. Don’t you see? Yue Jinmin just asked his disciple to make a sacrifice at the Sacrifice Institute, which shows that Yue Jinmin doesn’t want to provoke us, and he doesn’t want us to have any misunderstanding. Well, this disciple named Dragon Elephant, I think he should be a reconnaissance envoy sent by Yue Jinmin, who is dedicated to searching for reserve talents and cherishing spiritual beasts in their animal garden. The dragon elephant did not hesitate to expose his identity, probably because he took a fancy to the potential of Qinglin. He personally went into battle to personally verify whether Qinglin was worth wooing. "
Dao Futong nodded, "excuse me, disciple, do you want to talk to Qing Lin? Qing Lin is an amazing person, and we can’t let the Animal Garden take it away for no reason. "
Wen Zhenchen casually said, "There is no need to talk to Qing Lin specifically. If Qing Lin defeats the dragon elephant, you should inform Qing Lin to come back immediately, and then transfer him back to Tianjing Mountain and let him practice there for a period of time. After more than two months, isn’t it our earth-shattering election of a new conference? I believe that by that time, the Hundred Animals Garden will also have no intention of wooing the green forest, and then the green forest can be let out. "
"What if Qinglin fails?" Dao Futong asked.
WenZhenChen snorted, "failed? If Qinglin can’t even clean up a small dragon elephant, he won’t be qualified to go to the mountains. "
Dao Futong suddenly, "I understand. However, Master Martial Uncle, Qing Lin doesn’t have a master yet. If you want him to return to Zongmen, whose name should he be registered in? Besides, his seniority and talent are not high? Let him go back to Qingliang Mountain, which will inevitably make other students feel unfair? "
Wen Zhenchen said, "What’s unfair? Anyone who talks too much, let him kill an invincible general unscathed in the midst of hordes. If anyone has this ability, I will promote him to Yaori Mountain for a dive. "
Dao Futong realized Wen Zhenchen’s determination, so he stopped pestering about this issue and asked instead, "Uncle Zhang, the Sacrifice Institute is acting more and more recklessly and has no rules at all. Behind them, the emperor must be supporting them. Do you want my disciples to send a few people out and severely clean up the people who worship the courtyard, so that the emperor can restrain himself? "
WenZhenChen with the wave, "the emperor don’t understand, out of the shrine is a child play house, even if they scampering to the sky, for us, but also is a scab, isn’t worth mentioning. Let them go, don’t pay attention to them. Our most urgent task now is to concentrate our manpower and solve the problem of money bag. Nowadays, our backbone forces are all concentrated in this area, and there is a shortage of manpower in other aspects. It is a trivial matter to teach the emperor, and we are afraid that the emperor will be used by a willing heart and become a pawn. If we accidentally expose our shortcomings, we will easily be exploited. Therefore, in this respect, we should be cautious and forbear for the time being. As long as we can find a crystal vein with considerable reserves and solve the problem of purse, then we can let go of our hands and feet and do something big. At this stage, it is better to let the reserve forces such as Qinglin and Linyan and the worship homes make trouble, and they can also exercise them. "
Qing Lin, a few streets away, didn’t know that he had a fight with the dragon elephant, which was related to his future and destiny. He is now in the fighting field of Yum! Fighting Field, facing the dragon elephant. The dragon elephant is no better than the green forest. His history of joining the Animal Garden is longer than that of the green forest. His cultivation is not too high, but he is very talented in controlling animals. If he and his pet animals cooperate, he still has the power to fight against Lin Yan. As for the final victory or defeat, it depends on whose luck.
The dragon elephant fuels with both hands. "Friends in the green forest, you are all good at controlling animals. I don’t want anything else, but I just want to ask for advice in this respect. Please also give me your advice and show all your spirits and beasts. "
Qing Lin didn’t have the heart to communicate with Longquan about how to control animals. The reason why he wanted to fight against the dragon elephant was to defeat the dragon elephant in the final analysis, although from which angle, the possibility of Qing Lin defeating the dragon elephant was slim. "Long Daoyou, as long as beat you? You give up when you worship the hospital? Just give me everything that should have belonged to me? "
The dragon elephant stared blankly for a moment. He hadn’t seen such a person as Qing Lin. You should know that their Animal Garden is a famous sect in the fix true world. In the past, as long as he showed his identity, I didn’t know how many people would get the news. Come and ask him about the spirit beast. If you meet an animal lover, he will be treated like an emperor. In his view, Qing Lin is a professional in this field, and he should be happy to learn from him in this respect. However, what Qing Lin said doesn’t taste right.
Seeing that the dragon elephant didn’t talk, Qing Lin thought he acquiesced. "It is good that you agree. Long Daoyou, let’s get started. "
With a shake of his hand, Qing Lin released Lingdouhu. Looking at the majestic and energetic Lingdouhu, the dragon elephant’s eyes suddenly lit up. He had never seen a Linghu with such a huge size and such a good aura. Even in the animal garden, such a Linghu is quite rare.
When Lin Yan, who was watching the battle in the audience, saw Lingdou Tiger, his eyes were wide open and he looked like a ghost. "Miss Wan’er, is this the Linghu who once appeared in the martial arts field two days ago?"
Wan’er didn’t speak, just nodded his head.
Our inflammation shook his head, "it’s really Uber. How is this possible? "
Qingxia asked, "Lin Yan Daoyou, what do you mean?"
Lin Yan quickly cracked a joke: "Nothing, nothing! I just can’t get used to this linghu who is in charge. "
Lin Yan remembers very clearly that when setting up a set of tests to test the animal control ability of Qing Lin, Lingdouhu was badly injured. Unless there is a top veterinary drug animal Dan, otherwise, Lingdouhu’s injury is impossible to recover so quickly. But the top animal Dan, according to legend, doesn’t even have a hundred animal gardens. Where did Qing Lin get it?
This is Lin Yan’s idea, but it is impossible to tell Qingxia, a foreign fix true person, even if Qingxia is a first-class beauty.

Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Accidentally knocked down the master
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Accidentally knocked down the master
Ticket ticket! Collection!

The dragon elephant has been immersed in the way of controlling animals for many years, and he has a set of extremely rich experience in identifying the animals. Lingdouhu gives him a feeling of spirituality, and his body contains explosive power, but he doesn’t know that he has lost his sight this time. These are just illusions. Qing Lin can’t even play one-tenth of the strength of Lingdouhu now, and more often he relies on the shape of Lingdouhu to bluff people.
The dragon elephant carefully took out an animal skin bag, which didn’t look very eye-catching, but just drew some strange patterns with ink on the surface. The dragon elephant read a few words of formula, and a mouthful of real yuan was sprayed on the bag. The original animal bag with a bundle of mouths emitted a puff of smoke. When you look closely, you will see that there seems to be something the size of a peanut in the smoke, which looks like an elephant.
Smoke fell to the ground, and the roar of animals that had been shaking for nine days echoed in Yum! In the blink of an eye, a hill-like elephant appeared where the smoke landed. Lingdouhu was a little big, but compared with the elephant, it was like a cat standing beside a dog, and its size was several times worse. In addition to its large size, the giant elephant is covered with thick gray hair, its thighs are like pillars, and its two ivory tusks are sharp as swords, flashing with cold light.
"Daoyou Qinglin, this is the most powerful spirit beast I have domesticated at present-the Bashan Elephant. As long as your spirit tiger can hurt my Bashan Elephant a little, you will win this contest between us." The dragon elephant is quite conceited.
Qing Lin shook his head. "It’s better to let your mountain elephant get hurt than to let you throw in the towel."
Dragon elephant eyes a stare, "let me throw in the towel? Unless the sun rises in the west. Bashan, go! Show your strength to Qinglin Daoyou. "
As a young elephant trunk, Ba Mountain trotted towards Lingdouhu with all its limbs, giving the impression that it was like a hill rolling forward. No matter what was in front of it, it would eventually be crushed.
"Tiger, kill it!" Qing Lin gave orders to Lingdouhu.
Lingdou Tiger roars with a roar, and when the Bashan elephant is about to rush over, it jumps and tries to jump on the back of the Bashan elephant. Unexpectedly, with a flick of his thick trunk, the mountain elephant gave out the Lingdouhu, and with a snap, the Lingdouhu fell to the ground more than ten meters away, turning several somersaults on the ground one after another.
The dragon elephant shook his head, and said in a tone that his predecessors pointed out that he was backward. "It’s obvious that you didn’t master the method of controlling animals well, so that you didn’t even exert half the strength of Linghu. Otherwise, your Linghu wouldn’t be so vulnerable."
Qing Lin didn’t speak, and his mind moved slightly. Lingdouhu received his instructions, got up from the ground and went around behind the mountain elephant. The green forest stood in front of the mountain elephant and made various actions to provoke the mountain elephant. The elephant in Bashan instinctively felt that the green forest was a greater threat to him. As soon as his head was lowered, he stopped and rushed forward. The elephant, which was bigger than the bathtub, drummed on the ground and shook the heart of the green forest at hand.
Qing Lin hurried back, and his speed was fast, but it was a little worse than the speed of the mountain elephant. Seeing that Qinglin was about to roll the mountain elephant to his feet, Lingdouhu seized the opportunity, jumped on the back of the mountain elephant, and it was a tiger’s mouth and pressed on the back of the mountain elephant.
The skin of the mountain elephant is hard and thick, coupled with the layer of hair covered by his body surface, Lingdouhu has been biting for a long time, and nothing has been achieved except pulling off a few elephant hairs.
Angered by the provocation of Lingdouhu, the mountain elephant stopped chasing the green forest, raised its trunk, bent back, and poof, a glittering and translucent ice bomb flew out of his trunk and hit Lingdouhu. Lingdouhu didn’t guard against it, and was directly blown out by the ice bomb.
The dragon elephant shook his head. He had saved the idea of wooing the green forest to join the animal garden. Now, as soon as he met, the dragon elephant found that the means of taming animals in the green forest was really not so good. Even if such people were recruited into the animal garden, their future achievements would be limited. In this case, the dragon elephant had to settle for the second best, first defeat the green forest, and then try to get the Lingdouhu from the green forest, and finally give him more compensation.
That is to say, Qing Lin is a shocking person. If he is a disciple of a small Sect or a small Sect, the dragon elephant will not even think about giving him compensation.
"Master, if you can’t do anything, just give up." In the stands, Lin Yan shouted at the top of his voice. Although there is a thousand reluctance in his heart, he can also see the gap between Lingdouhu and Bashan Elephant, and there is almost no possibility that Qinglin will win the fight.