It seems to be the ice below the nine secluded places. Just looking at it from a distance is enough to freeze people. Meng Qi walked out of the house after saying that, but before going out, he said this sentence: "After recovering from the injury, come with me to take revenge."

Night ghosts and Hu Xiao paused, and then there was tears. The two of them were already desperate, but I didn’t expect Meng Qi to appear in front of them and take them to revenge.
At this time of the night ghosts Hu Xiao didn’t think of Meng Qi but yuan baby order for, how can you lead them to revenge. But at this time, they can’t think so much. As long as someone can lead them to take revenge, they don’t care even if they are destroyed.
And Meng Qi found Zhao Xuan after leaving the room for two people. In fact, when Meng Qiyi entered the imperial tomb, Zhao Xuan felt the existence of Meng Qi.
When he saw Meng Qi coming, he was not surprised. He just said calmly, "This time, all eight million people in Zhao died because of you, and I was the only one who could escape." Zhao Xuan’s words have lost the respect he once had.
For this phenomenon, Meng Qi didn’t care. He just looked at Zhao Xuan and said, "Now Zhao has fallen into chaos. You should immediately appear in front of the people of Zhao. Calm down the riots and restore faith as soon as possible. Now, it is safe here. "
Listen to Meng Qi, Zhao Xuan said nothing, just a silence. After a while, Zhao Xuancai said, "Can you guarantee that our people in Zhao will never suffer such a disaster again?"
Meng Qi was silent for a while and said, "No."
Zhao Xuan asked again, "Can you bring back the eight million people who lost their lives in Zhao?"
"I can’t." Meng Qi is a silence.
"Then what can you do? One can’t protect my people in Zhao. We can’t bring back the people of Zhao who died because of you. Then why should we believe you? " Zhao Xuan’s voice is very calm, and it is terrible to be calm.
Meng Qi was silent for a while again and said, "I need strength, and I need strength to avenge those innocent people. Not for justice, not for reason. They can’t come back to life after revenge, but I have to do it. But this needs your help. Eight million people of Zhao can’t die in vain. "
"Revenge?" Zhao Xuan murmured, and after a while, Zhao Xuan suddenly looked up and said, "Can you really avenge them?"
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "I can’t promise anything, but I can only say that even if I fight for my life, I will kill all those who ignore the lives of ordinary people."
Meng Qi’s insipid voice revealed infinite murder, and Zhao Xuan seemed to be persuaded by this murder. He finally bowed at Meng Qi’s feet and said with a trembling voice, "Please ask the bodhi old zu to avenge my people of Zhao!"
Meng Qi lifted Zhao Xuan up and said, "I heard that Zhao still has a capital. I will send you to the capital now, and then put in order Zhao quickly. Be sure to quell this riot as soon as possible, then sprinkle the seeds that have been preserved and restore the belief of Shenlong religion as soon as possible. "
"I heard that the capital disappeared overnight and the emperor disappeared. It has been several months. I’ve heard that vassal kings from all over the world have begun to encourage troops to prepare horses. I’m afraid there will be a big chaos in Zhao soon. " In a teahouse in the capital, there was an obviously courageous scholar talking loudly about his remarks.
Of course, this is also because there is no captaincy in the capital, otherwise this scholar will be captured by soldiers soon.
But even as the capital, the atmosphere here is very tense. Non-captaincy territories like the capital are a little uneasy, but they are not qualified to rebel. If Zhao Huang doesn’t appear again, I’m afraid they will choose to take refuge in one captaincy.
There is no other place for the capital, and the capital of Zhao has disappeared. This capital is the capital of a country. Therefore, the chief of the capital, which is usually not prominent, is already very big at this time.
More than five captaincy have sent messengers, hoping that he can surrender to them. However, the chief of the capital is really not very talented. Because of the location of the capital, the position of the chief of the capital is awkward. The chief just climbed to this position by relying on the relationship, so he didn’t know what to do at that time.
But this time, a person appeared in front of him. Looking at this man, the former county magistrate who accompanied the capital suddenly fell to the ground and said, "See your Majesty Zhao Huang."
This man was naturally Zhao Xuan sent by Meng Qi. He said indifferently, "Zhao was in great trouble, and only one person in the whole country escaped. I am very upset to see that Zhao has been in such turmoil. Now you immediately issue a notice to tell the world that I am back. "
Of course, it is not so simple to quell the turmoil in a country. But with Meng Qi’s help, everything went smoothly. In about a few months, the unrest in Zhao finally subsided. And the capital has officially become the capital of Zhao.
As for the original capital of Zhao, because of the sudden increase of eight million murders, it has become a place of execution. Not to mention ordinary people, even low-ranking monks are afraid to approach.
However, Meng Qi sent many priests to purify these ghosts. Of course, Meng Qi’s prayers had no effect before, but after meeting the witch family, Meng Qi learned many ways to use the power of faith.
This is one of the functions of purifying murders. I saw a group of people sitting on the ground outside the original capital of Zhao, who were all mumbling something.
With the passage of time, it turned out that there were ghosts coming out of the original state of Zhao. Then come into contact with those blue and white holy light and disappear.
Chapter sixty-five Ten years
Chapter sixty-five Ten years
As one by one, the ghosts entered the blue-and-white holy light and were purified, those blue-and-white holy lights gradually weakened. After about two hours, those people sitting on the ground in pure white robes stopped emitting that blue-and-white holy light.
"Saint’s adult, today almost purified nearly four hundred murders. We have almost used our holy power, and we need to pray again in Islam. " A man respectfully said to a short woman standing in front of everyone.
"Well, that’s enough. Let’s call it a day." That woman is the little rabbit demon that Meng Qi once took in, that is, Loli. But now no one dares to call her that. She is now a saint of Shenlong Sect.
After the girl returned to Cuiming Mountain with the priests, she began to pray for restoring the holy power. This holy power is what Meng Qi learned from the witch clan, which is actually the belief force refined by Meng Qi.
They prayed that the generated belief force would enter the dragon soul of Meng Qi and then be refined by the dragon soul. After refining, most of the faith force will be provided to Meng Qi, but a small part will be returned to themselves. This refined belief force is better than the ordinary spiritual force between heaven and earth, and it is more magical.
Many monks have chosen to strengthen their faith after receiving these benefits. Because using this refined faith force, that is, the holy power to practice, turns out to be a multiplier effect.
With this skill alone, in just a few months, the monks who believe in Meng Qi have actually developed from thousands of shallow believers to tens of thousands of shallow believers, and the number of monks who can provide faith has reached a whole thousand.
A thousand people seem to be humble in front of a hundred thousand monks, but it is quite impressive to achieve this effect in such a short time.
Among these 1000 people, two monks got a title-apologetics.
The meaning of this name is very simple. Most of the faith power provided by ordinary monks will be given to Meng Qi, and only a small part will be converted into holy power to return. And when they get the title of apologetics, the faith force they have condensed will be returned to them in full after being transformed into holy power. Of course, it is natural to pay for such benefits, that is, when there is a crisis in Shenlong religion, they must fight for Shenlong religion regardless of life and death.
But in this troubled times, what is fighting? So the benefits of this are self-evident, of course, it is not so easy to get this title. So far, only two people have got this title, that is, Meng Qi’s former staff, Night Ghosts and Hu Xiao.
In a few months, with the help of Meng Qi, most of their injuries have been recovered. After learning the situation of Meng Qi’s Shenlong religion, the two joined Shenlong religion without hesitation.
However, this belief does not mean that there is something, especially for monks who are quite advanced like two people, it is even more difficult to really believe in a person or a god from the heart.