Wu Manzhu couldn’t have imagined that she would come out to do a job and then be knocked down as a manager of the vermicelli factory, that is, be the boss?
Manage people?
She’s good at this.
So the vermicelli factory people finally drifted a little, and they were immediately beaten and trampled on in the ground.
It’s really
the misery or hardship is beyond words
By the time persimmon was carrying Momo peaches and carrying a big basket of li mountain, the vermicelli factory there was still busy.
"Ouch, how many times have you said you can’t do this …"
Suddenly there was a roar inside.
Both sisters trembled and looked serious.
"Nayin" persimmon
"It’s milk" Momo peach.
"Why is the milk in it?" Both of them are curious.
Momo Peach and Persimmon looked at each other with similar eyes, blinked, and then both shut up and quietly touched them toward the vermicelli factory to find out what was noisy inside.
"Hush down"
"Don’t talk"
Momo Peach and Persimmon frowned. They just wanted to say that they didn’t speak, but they found something unusual. This talk was quietly touching someone who didn’t know what they were doing.
Momo peach blinked her eyes a little strange. What the two men were doing, they found themselves stepping on the ground, followed by a backpack full of pears next to her.
"Be good"
Persimmon novel after a gently walked towards the two places.
"What are you listening to?"
Wang San was impatient. "I told you not to talk and be quiet."
"I didn’t speak." People with him were wronged.
"Who are you talking about?" The third watch turned impatiently. "Can it be …"
Turn around and look at persimmon.
Persimmon is not at all welcome. She grabbed these two suspicious people and went to Song Xing.
"Wow," Momo Tao squatted beside the backpack and looked at Persimmon, dragging his personal pestle with one hand and waiting for him.
After a while, I saw persimmon coming back in a hurry. I picked up my backpack and went home.
"Who is that?" Momo Taoqie
"Wang Sanhe and an outsider"
"What are they doing?" Momo Peach asks again.
"I don’t know. It’s not good anyway."
"That’s good or bad."
Only after Momo corrected her did she feel that Wang Xiaoer no longer hated her uncle and did something bad again.
"Alas," Wang Xiaoer is still a pain in the ass
Persimmon glanced at it and became melancholy. Baby stepped up.
I can still cook dinner when I go back now.
I just didn’t expect to see someone sneaking around at their door when I got home
This arrest is endless, isn’t it