Elder Qing Xuan stood up exaggeratedly and walked back and forth, grinning from ear to ear: "Good, Shanfeng, I didn’t cultivate you for nothing."

Shan Fengben was a disciple of the elder of the Qing Dynasty. He was carefully cultivated since he was a child, creating his arrogant and prejudiced xìng lattice, which killed people with one hand, leaving no survivors at all, making people tremble with fear.
Elder Yingjie’s expression was completely opposite, only to see that his pair were as white as death, biting their teeth angrily and saying, "Damn thing, why can’t you fight so hard? It’s embarrassing and demoralizing!"
However, the matter is a foregone conclusion, and there is no room for redemption. It is dejected and despondent to announce: "Qingfengmen Shanfeng won."
After saying his word, he saw a man and a woman boarding the ring without listening to him.
At this time, there was a burst of discussion under the stage. A group of people who had just been indignant were overjoyed. "Unexpectedly, I was overjoyed. Sister Xuan Ji couldn’t stand it and went out in person. Now there is hope."
Hearing these comments, the flashy expression of Qingfengmen disciple standing opposite seemed extremely displeased, but a pair of eyes of Semimi still stared at Senior Sister Xuanji with rapt attention.
I saw that the glitz slowly gave a gift to Xuan Ji, and his tone was light. His smiles appealed: "Sister, brother doesn’t want to be difficult to destroy flowers. I’ll let you do three tricks first."
"Chi!" Blasphemy the goddess in my mind, the audience suddenly broke out in a burst of abuse, loud and magnificent.
Xuan Ji hates this frivolous appearance, and Se’s face is ugly. He glanced at glitz and sneered, "You don’t need to let me use all the moves you know."
"Hey, little sister, you still tǐng arrogance! Then I’m welcome. " Laugh, flashy test xìng’s punch to the spiral Ji, laid hands on him some obscene.
"mean!" Xuan Ji gently drank, slightly moved his body, lightly dodged a punch of glitz and softness, and then flew up with a embroidered foot and kicked it hard in the flashy mouth.
"good!" It was as if the evil spirit had come out, and the audience burst into warm cheers.
Looking at the glitz again, Se turned white, only to see that he suddenly wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, flew into a rage, and sneered, "Little girl, I was careless at the moment, and I was actually blindsided. Hum, don’t let me catch you, or I’ll be polite to you."
However, I saw Xuan Ji’s face disdainful and said, "Cut the crap and let’s see the real chapter at hand."
With a wave of his right hand, flashy flying sword is in hand, dazzling.
"Pick up my sword." Shout at top of voice, angrily rushed to the whirlpool, only to see the clear mountain instantly become bigger and hit the whirlpool like lightning.
Swirling face Se is calm, not flashing, not avoiding. With a pinch of the left hand, the spiritual force in the body clam automatically runs in the meridians, and the Yan tactic is also quickly launched, transforming the spiritual force in the body clam into a fire that can burn everything.
Yan has just arrived in Yang, but it is only suitable for Yan family women, which has been an unsolved mystery in Wolong mainland for thousands of years.
Being in the world, there must be something extraordinary about it.
Those who practice Yan’s tactic need to learn from the underground fire of Jiuyang, and after the fire of Jiuyang is burning and forging, their spiritual strength is as strong as fire and tea, and after they become accustomed to it, Yan’s tactic can be transformed into a prosperous one with great power.
It’s easier said than done. Even if it’s a real fire, it won’t dare to try it easily, which shows its power. Moreover, in order to forge the body, it is necessary to guide the true fire of Jiuyang to flow through all parts of the body. Every time you pass, your body is like being skinned alive, and it is unbearable. It takes 9981 cycles to be successful.
You can’t do it unless you have a hard will!
The blazing flame ignited from the swirling hand and covered the whole body in a moment.
Many people in the field saw Yan’s tactic for the first time, and they were dumbfounded. Stay, a person’s whole body is burned by the flame of latosolic red blood, and he can still be burned to death. What profound cultivation is needed!
The hands slowly converge to form a fireball with high temperature, burning hot, and it is unbearable to be reflected on the flashy face.
Mengying couldn’t help laughing at this time. She is a person who doesn’t care much about the extent to which disciples practice. After all the teaching, the extent to which they practice only depends on their talent and diligence, and Xuanji is more suitable for this practice method. It is difficult to do it by itself, but it is also fruitful.
The power of Xuan Ji’s dharma tactic is beyond her imagination. Perhaps, with this dharma tactic, Suoji can easily win without using Yan sword.
"Yan’s tactic is really enviable. I didn’t think that the Yan family was really crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and the woman could learn this method." Qing xuan regrets, Yan tactic, I haven’t seen it for a long time, thinking that it has been lost, and I don’t want to see the light of day again.
"Are you ready?" At this moment, Xuan Ji is like Vulcan, making everyone bend over. ! .

Chapter eighty-six Yan
Flashy flying sword is not yet in the body, as a wave of his hand, a light from the fireball [j: and] shoot out, directly hit the flashy sword body.
After a small test, the fire came into contact with the green awn, and there was a sound, and the fire dissipated. The green awn was also beaten for a flash, and it was directly caught off guard.
The glitz suddenly surprised hun, and the contempt on her face converged a lot. This girl’s spiritual power is so vigorous that she is not under herself. It seems that there are a dozen.
It took a while to restore calm again, and the flashy reaction came over. After a while, I rushed to fly my sword and continued to hold a long sword.
Xuanji was able to shrug off at all, motionless, his left hand led, and at the same time, he murmured, and a flame rose, and another fire [j: and] shot out.
Almost a replica of the first time. Only after this time, the green awn on the flashy sword jumped and seemed to disappear at any time.
The flashy face was ugly, but the third strike came across, and the fireball was connected with the flying sword. I felt that a powerful spiritual force spread to my magic weapon, and I was weak after a while. Instead of shaking off my opponent’s flame, I was pushed back two steps by this force to resolve it, and Qing Mang was instantly smashed.
Flashy can’t help but be stunned and confused. Fortunately, his foundation is deep and he has a genial smile. Before he was hit, he was weakened by his desperate operation. Otherwise, where can he support it now?
The flame tactic in the hands was offset by this mana, and the flames scattered from the explosion were scattered. The flashy body was hit by flames several times in succession, and several holes were burned in the clothes, and half of the sleeves of the left hand were burned.
Before I knew it, there was a crisp sound, and I got another mouth on my face. Only half of my face was burning with blood, and even my molar teeth almost fell off.
"Ok!" The sound of flag-waving and shouting came, and this scene made everyone feel that they were feasting.
Xuanji took advantage of it unprepared, and his left hand came out in a virtual shadow, slamming it on his flashy face. He stumbled and almost sat down on the ground. It was a shame. When he was so humiliated, he couldn’t help but fly into a rage.
"Hum! Give face to shame. I’d like to see what you can do except show off these fireballs. " Flashy sneer at 1.
Although flashy and arrogant, in some ways, he is also a man who practices hard and hopes to become stronger. Often, this kind of person is very narrow-minded and can’t hold things, so he will be rewarded.
Flashy knew that there was a gap between himself and Xuanji, so he attacked first from the beginning, and he wanted to take the initiative. He shook his hand and rushed over like lightning, and his fairy sword shone with wings.
A bunch of red grapes are booming, and a right hand is raised, giving a sky-high brilliance and heading straight for the threatening flashy well.
Flashy doesn’t hide or flash, but he laughs as if nothing happened in the Xi ? ng chamber: "What’s the use of this child-cheating thing?" Wait, there will be a big pain in a while. "
Xuanji was surprised and angry, and it was unbearable just now, but in the blink of an eye, he took it empty-handed without any reason, but there was something strange about him.
The left hand pinched the tactic and the right hand slapped the small storage at the waist, and Yan’s sword flew out triumphantly, seemingly dissatisfied with Xuanji’s refusal to let himself appear early.
But Xuanji didn’t wave Yan’s sword, but stretched out his right arm, and another Hong Ying suddenly and violently took more than a foot to the glitz.
In my heart, I thought that this red palm, only one hand, the other party would not stand and die, and it would be necessary to be seriously injured. Who knows that the palm was only in the pledge, and a five-Se brilliance suddenly flew up around the flashy side, changing like a five-Se glow, like a sunny rainbow after the rain, and suddenly greeted me. The palm seemed to be caught on a fire, and it was painful for a while.
"Multicolored cloak!" Xuanji really saw the defensive multiplier on the flashy body, but he didn’t expect it to be this treasure after thinking hard.
Multicolored cloak, taking the natural things between heaven and earth, and Jin Mu’s five elements of fire, water and soil are all available.
It’s a perfect magic weapon for defensive spells, immune to all spells, and it can be called the best treasure, but it has no effect on material attacks.
Rumor has it that the war between man and monster fell thousands of years ago, and I don’t want to see the light of day again today. Look at the tattered and tattered appearance of that body, which is probably just a coincidence.