This explanation-

Qiao Yun stopped to look at it with a slant of his head, narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at it almost critically. "Are you … helping your future parents-in-law?"
"Uh …" I felt embarrassed and lowered my jaw.
When he lifted his jaw again, he smiled and answered Qiao Yun, "The future parents-in-law … can help."
Yeah, well, the Great God has said so, so it won’t make sense for Qiao Yun to stay home.
When the world between you and me is so precious before going home.
So he took Mo Ran and ordered a couple’s set meal in a restaurant, which was a real pastry.
He said, "I want this for a sweet couple." He didn’t hide it in front of outsiders.
The member was stunned for several seconds.
Mo Ran also echoed, "It’s not enough. It should be enough for us to have another set of vows of eternal love."
The clerk was shaking. "Okay, please wait a moment."
Xiu is so beautiful.
Qiao Yun looked at the stranger and laughed wildly.
Mo ran to his head. "It’s beautiful to laugh like this every day after you laugh."
"Poof!" Qiao Yunxiao couldn’t live. "If you want to be beautiful, you can smile and smile like you did in Dad’s office today …"
He said, learning to smile strangely. "See if I smile slightly like you haha-"
Halfway through lunch, I took a message and my face froze with a smile.
After that, condensation begins.
Heart is not good. Qiao Yun quickly swallowed the orange juice and heard the stranger say, "I’ll be right over."
Then quickly hang up.
"What’s the matter?" Qiao Yun asked
Mo Ran frowned for a second and said, "Baby, come with me to a place and we’ll talk while walking."
The place Mo Ran wants to go is the Central Hospital of C, which is near this commercial street and it takes about ten minutes to walk.
In this short ten minutes, I told him an old friend.
It was shortly after Mo Ran’s parents were killed that a young woman named Liu Jinger came to the school. She offered to support Mo Ran from high school to college.
Mo ran was grateful from the bottom of his heart, but his mouth refused
Strong self-esteem does not allow him to bow to life, including being funded.
More KuangLiuJingEr just a few years older than him.
But in the third year of senior high school, when he filled in his volunteers, the principal told him that it was strange that you should take the B Huada exam. B Huada is a sponsor and expects her to hope you can help her finish it.
At that time, Mo Ran realized that he was not alone in his whole high school, and Liu Jinger supported him.
"Why must she support you?" Qiao Yun asked
Strangely shook his head "I don’t know"
Ten minutes later, with doubt, Qiao Yun met Liujinger in the ward.
Like Mo Ran said, she is only a few years older than him.
Weak and thin, lying in the hospital bed, there is no trace of blood, and there is a scar on the face, like being scratched by a sharp knife.
Even so, it doesn’t affect Liujinger’s beauty.
It’s very beautiful.
She looked at him and Mo Ran laughing, her pale lips slightly showing a crack, and she smiled softly.
"Strangely, this is Qiao Yun." Liujing’s voice is very thin and weak
Stranger but not usual easily nodded frowning remained silent.
"Very handsome and you are very suitable."
Mo ran still nodded.
Qiao Yun wondered in her mind that Liujinger actually knew his name.
"Can we talk?" Liujinger raised his arm and waved at Qiao Yun.
That arm is slender and even looks strong.
"Do you know me?" Qiao Yun took two steps to the bed.
"Well," Liu Jinger struggled to smile to the maximum. "It’s known to say that you are his boyfriend."
Half relieved, Qiao Yun nodded silently. "You … what should you fund the stranger?"
This is not the right time to ask a patient such a question, but when I came here, I suddenly said that the hospital had a critical notice.
I’m afraid I won’t have a chance in my life if I don’t ask now
"Gratitude" Liu Jinger replied with certainty.
Six years ago, Liu Jinger was pregnant for four months. She went back to her hometown to visit relatives. She had an accident on the road and her car went over a cliff.
Feeling that death is coming, Liu Jinger tried to protect her stomach and asked the uncle in the next seat for help.
The uncle grabbed his body and blocked the window of the car window, shouting "wife grabbed me" at another woman.
But later, when the car turned over and stood still, I didn’t know how many degrees. My uncle was pinned down by a big stone in the window and lost his life on the spot.
And uncle’s wife was thrown out of another window and died on the spot.